Apr 7, 2011

How'd I Miss This?

My bearded buddy from A Truer Sound was recently engaged in a conversation about this band on Twitter. My curiosity led me to seek out the band's 2010 album ($5.99 at Amazon!!) and I was knocked on my rear. How did I miss this???

Some bloggers and music writers hate comparisons, but I love 'em… so: J. Roddy Walston & The Business Sounds like what would result if you threw The Black Crowes, The Replacements, Appetite era Guns n' Roses, The London Choirboys and Faster Pussycat in a blender. Hair metal haters, never fear. They lean a lot more to the blue-collar 'Mats side of things, but there are large, unhealthy dollops of sleaze rock in every song. There's even a hint of Felice Brothers style folk, but this is a rock album through and through.

J. Roddy apparently leads a debauched lifestyle that Larry Lee Turnage would not approve of. The lyrics are primarily about sex, drinking, questioning religion, drugging and sex. However, he leads us down that well trod rockstar life path with engaging and solid lyrics.

This is fiery, exciting stuff that I wish I'd heard earlier, but I'm just glad to finally discover this rocking band.

RIYL: All the bands I listed above, The Stones, Deer Tick, Javi Garcia and the Cold, Cold Ground, Two Cow Garage, Lucero

You can put your email in and get a free track at the link in the title.

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