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Aug 9, 2016

Win Our Big Music Stash!

Over the past few years, particularly the last 2, we've built up quite a stash of CDs and other merchandise sent to us by bands and singers. I need to clear some of this stuff out, so I'm giving away a big ol' stash box.

So how can you win it? Just be funny. Since memes are the quickest way to get a joke across, that's one possibility. Make a meme and send it to us; easy as that. *United States only*

You can email it to 

or you can DM it to me on Twitter @Farcethemusic (let us know if we need to follow you) 

or you can message it on Facebook

We'll also accept Top 10 Lists, parody lyrics, parody songs, funny Photoshop edits, song reviews (funny or serious), and literally anything else you want to write or create, even just a funny tweet if you make sure I see it, that's related to music (particularly country and Americana). Please don't post anything directly on our Facebook page or Tweet it publicly. We'd rather the material stay private until (and if) we post it on FTM.

There's no limit on entries. The best wins, so quality is certainly more welcome than quantity,  but I don't care how many things you send. Be the funniest, the most insightful, the most clever, the best review writer… whatever. Anything you send may be posted on Farce the Music.

I (Trailer) and another member of the staff or two will judge entries. Winner gets the whole box of stuff (detailed below). There may be other prizes awarded as well, if we get a lot of good stuff. Contest starts now. Send your entry by midnight, Friday, August 26th. Now get to work!

Special thanks to these bands and artists for last-minute help filling up the box!

Here's the Prize Stash:

Unopened CDs
Jonathan Tyler - Holy Smokes
Bart Crow - Dandelion
Wrinkle Neck Mules - I Never Thought it Would Go This Far
Taylor Alexander - Real Good at Saying Goodbye
The Britt Lloyd Band - Unlabeled
The Britt Lloyd Band - The Ink
Dub Miller - The Midnight Ambassador
Dub Miller - Lost/Live
Cyrus James - Dreamers of the Day
Cyrus James - Molly and the Devil
Grady Spencer and The Work - The Line Between
Mayeux and Broussard - High Times & Good Rhymes

Lightly used CDs (ripped once and returned to package)
Will Hoge -Small Town Dreams
Wade Bowen - s/t
Chris Roberts - The Way West
The Excavators - s/t
The Mastersons - Good Luck Charm
Hailey Cole - Illusions
Randy Rogers and Wade Bowen - Hold My Beer, Vol. 1
The Surreal McCoys - The Howl and the Growl
Hailey Whitters - Black Sheep
Texas Renegade - Surviving the Flood

2 Wrinkle Neck Mules t-shirts (Different designs: 1 large, 1 xl)

Angaleena Presley
Grady Spencer & the Work
The Damn Quails
Charlie Worsham

Mayeux & Broussard Sticker
Wrinkle Meck Mules Sticker

Dec 4, 2015

R.I.P. Scott Weiland

I don't have any poignant words or deep insights on the passing of former Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver lead singer, Scott Weiland. I just have memories and feelings. STP hit when I was a freshman in college so they were a part of the soundtrack of my formative years. Even though I was a fan of the supposed "intelligent" grunge rock of Pearl Jam and Nirvana back in the day, I loved STP just as much. Maybe the critic in me tried to push me toward Cobain and Vedder's more serious and self-important rock at times, but the music fan in me was just happy listening to Weiland and the boys play crunchy alternative rock with no pretense. They never got the acclaim or the respect of other bands of their generation, but that's not as important as connecting with fans. (hypocrisy alert!)

Weiland was a wildly magnetic frontman, a talented vocalist, and a solid songwriter. He was also a heroin addict, which is likely why he's no longer with us. So glad I got to see STP near the end of his time with them.

Anyway, here are a few of my favorite tunes from STP and Velvet Revolver. RIP Scott. Addiction sucks.

Dec 9, 2014

FTM Stocking Stuffers

In case you haven't stopped by the Farce the Music merch shop lately, there are several new shirt (stickers and coffee mugs too) designs just perfect for your upcoming holiday parties, bonfires, and house concerts. They're also great for Christmas gifts (or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa). It's nearing the last few days for standard shipping, so get a move on. Here's the link to the store:

And the ever popular...

Jul 28, 2014

Bleeding Cowboys is Forever

Apparently, some people still don't have internet connections. 
These are all new or fairly recent album covers that use the 
much-maligned type-face Bleeding Cowboys. 

For the love of God, stop it....

Jul 22, 2014

Don't Blame FTM for This One

I already posted this on Facebook and Twitter, but in case you missed it... this is a screen shot of a tweet from a country station (from June, I think). They actually promoted an interview with Gary Levox (and tagged him!) using this photo from, well, us....


FTM Praise: The Kiss of Commercial Death

With Jon Pardi's "What I Can't Put Down" struggling to find footing on the charts, I came to this realization. You can pretty much guarantee that if Farce the Music really likes a mainstream country single, the song will not have a whiff of the top 10 on the country charts. Don't believe me? Here are some commercial country singles we enjoyed, and their peaks on the US Country Chart.

Chris Young "Neon" - 23 (2012)

Sunny Sweeney "Staying's Worse Than Leaving" - 38 (2011)

Chris Stapleton "What Are You Listening To" - 46 (2013)

Charlie Worsham "Want Me Too" - 46 (2014)

Lee Ann Womack "Solitary Thinkin'" - 39 (2009)

Alan Jackson  "So You Don't Have to Love Me Anymore" - 25 (2012)

Kacey Musgraves "Blowin' Smoke" - 31 (2013)

Gary Allan "It Ain't the Whiskey" - 40 (2013)

Julie Roberts "Wake Up Older" - 46 (2005)

Brandy Clark "Stripes" - (did not chart) (2013)

Dierks Bentley "Draw Me a Map" - 33 (2010)

Little Big Town "Your Side of the Bed" - 29 (2013)

David Nail "Sound of a Million Dreams" - 38 (2012)

Ronnie Dunn "Cost of Livin'" - 19 (2011)

Jamey Johnson (All singles 2009-2012) - 34, 52, 39, 51, DNC

Emily West "Blue Sky" - 38 (2010)

George Strait "Drinkin' Man" - 37 (2012)

Kellie Pickler "Someone Somewhere Tonight" - (did not chart) (2013)

Jul 9, 2014

Single Review: Florida-Georgia Line - Dirt

FGL's "Dirt" is a virtually hookless listing song that covers well-worn ground (pun not intended?). It features a bombastic chorus with difficult-to-discern lyrics. Included in the aforementioned laundry list are bro-country tropes like jeans being peeled off, trucks circling up for a party, bonfires, and boots being used for something other than work. All this from the guys who never met a cliché, irrelevant rapper, canned beat, or cheesy slang phrase they didn't like. "Cruise," "This is How We Roll," "Get Your Shine On"…the list of grievances against Florida-Georgia Line is virtually endless despite them being only one album into their career.

So, why do I like this song as much as I do? Head injury? Reduced expectations? Secret payoff by their record label? All these have been offered up as possible reasons for my positive comments about the song on social media. The answers to those questions are: maybe, possibly, I wish.

"Dirt" is an actual country song, or as close as you're likely to get on mainstream radio these days. I know what you're thinking… "what do you want, a cookie? It's supposed to be country!" Yet, in this day of Sam Hunt's Jason Mraz stylings, Taylor Swift's complete shift to pop, and Hunter Hayes' teenage girl-friendly pop-rock, something that actually resembles country is an anomaly. In FGL's own repertoire, this song is an anomaly. 

It's a serious song that straddles the divide between ballad and mid-tempo anthem. The titular dirt is the common element that ties together all the memories, future plans and simple philosophical musings (someday you'll return to it) on the cycle of rural and small town life. Sure it lists lots of country things, and no, there's no storyline, but the details and the manner in which they are related feel, if not fresh, at least passionate and authentic. It's a mature and moving song, if you let it be.

"Dirt" is also a very good song, and probably the only FGL song I don't mind getting stuck in my head on an endless loop. There's not much range but it's improbably catchy. The other dude even gets to sing a verse and hey, he sings better than the main bro (which I know isn't a high bar to clear, but still).

"I wouldn't have told that" is what some of you are thinking now. Even had a tweet saying they'd lost respect for FTM. Not sure if it was serious or not, but if my opinion on one mainstream song sways your confidence in FTM's credibility, please find your way to the unfollow or unfriend button or make your way to a blog that only speaks glad tidings of gritty, bar-touring independent artists (who we love by the way). We don't want you unhappy. 

I owe it to myself and Farce's readers to be honest - if I like something or think it has strong artistic merit, I'm going to tell you about it. I don't care if it's a song from one guy picking a homemade banjo on a washtub in his yard, a homeless rapper from Taiwan, or a millionaire pretty boy… the song is the thing. And "Dirt" is a good one.

By the old ".99 Cent Review" grading method:

May 23, 2014

Luke Bryan Sucks...

....and other shirts. Here are a few of the FTM Redbubble store's most popular and/or newest designs. Perfect to show your class and sophistication while killing a PBR and sweating through your shorts at next weekend's music festival!

The FTM Redbubble T-shirt shop:

Mar 26, 2014

Introducing: Soul Circus Cowboys

This is a composite of 2 real ads for an actual band with this truly existing new song, actually titled "That's the Way We Roll."

"Hey B-Roy."

"Sup, Chaz?"

"You seen how every band that Farce the Music blog makes fun of goes on to sell millions and become huge stars, bro?" 

"Yeah, I noticed that! Maybe he's getting paid to make fun of them… like uh, inverse psychology or whatever."

"Well, are you tired of playing weddings, massage parlors, and cotillions?"

"Hell yeah, son."

"Let's take a look-see at FTM and see what they say is lame, over-used and douchey…. and then do exactly that!"

"You're right on the money, dawg. I got that blog up on my iPad now."

"Let's see… Bleeding Cowboys font is cliché as hell? Call your cousin Tallboy and get him to Photoshop us up a logo with …. let's see.. a skull, a banner and lots of Bleeding Cowboys font!"

"Damn that sounds ugly"

"Don't matter; you want that money dontcha? We gots ta look edgy!"

"You know what's up, bra."

"Alright, FTM says Affliction shirts are stupid, so Stephen's definitely wearing one in the promo shots."

"He can borrow one of mine if he don't have any."

"I think he's got six or seven. He had a big Christmas. And Riley can wear the shirt with his embroidered initial on it. Don't want him forgetting who he is again."

"I thought that was from a bad batch of Fireball."

"Maybe. Okay, next… the music! All we gotta do to have a platinum #1 smash is to make all the words from FTM's 'douchebag song checklist' and 'bro-country bingo' to rhyme over a rock song with hip-hop phrasing."

"Maybe you can move your hands around like Tupac. That would be sweet!"

"Yeah… oh, and I notice that there has been song after song after song after song about "how we roll," so clearly needs one more song about that!"


"Dude. We're gonna be huge."

"Like, FGL huge. No, there's four of us so we'll be uh, three times as huge!?"

Mar 12, 2014

They're Called Team BS for a Reason

I'm not making a claim that anyone is lying here, and I'm sure there are factors I don't comprehend at work... but take a look at these headlines.

And then take a look at the current available seats for each of the events. Granted, these shows are months away and the probability of them actually selling out is pretty high, but the fact is - neither of them is sold out, particularly the MSG show. So why the deception? Could it be that "Team BS" is concerned about ACM voting? The final round of voting is going on now... and Luke Bryan recently sold out two MSG shows. Hmmm. I'm not making any accusations - just pointing out the facts.*

Thanks to Windmills Country for all the information!

Feb 28, 2014

Unfavorable Aldean Review Pulled Due to Advertisers Being Pricks

I won't sermonize on this, because honestly, Triggerman will eventually do it a whole lot better than I could, but censorship sucks, especially when it's financial coercion. Read this article:

Then read the awesomely "offending" FTM-esque review that got removed:

And enjoy the ensuing drama that will surely come...

Feb 24, 2014

New Shirts in the FTM Store

It's almost festival season(!), and what better way to express your feelings about the state of music today than a new shirt from FTM's Redbubble store? (Well, buying music and merch from good bands is one better way, but still...) Here are a few new designs in the store.

FTM's Redbubble T-shirt Shop

Feb 19, 2014

Prescription for What Ails Ya

Is this you?

If these symptoms describe your struggles, it's time you tried...

Side effects may include: enlightenment, satisfaction, curiosity, heightened emotions, desire for an adult beverage that doesn't have "lite"  or "bomb" in the name, respect for females, joy, tapping feet, flushed cheeks, appreciation, and a sudden realization that things will never be the same again.

If you're ready for help, here's your prescription.

And here are a few free samples to get you started.

Jan 31, 2013

Let the Fraudy Moon Rise: The Odd Case of Kasey Anderson

I've known Kasey Anderson, as much as you can "know" someone you meet on the internet, for probably 10 years now. I first came into contact with him on the message board at as he began his songwriting/recording career. He always came across as a funny, bull-headed, eccentric self-promoter, but his posts were always interesting. His music was a little too raw for me at first, but it began to catch my ear as he grew as a writer and performer.

Kasey's first solo albums were uneven, but passionate and showing all the creative spark and hard fundamentals required for a budding music career. Nowhere Nights started fulfilling his promise with "catchy alternative pop rock Americana goodness" and slotted at FTM's #8 album of 2010.

When he took on The Honkies as a backing band, his music really took off. Anderson's first release with new backing band, Heart of a Dog, nearly cracked the FTM 2011 top ten albums. The desolate ballad "Exit Ghost" from that album was FTM's #2 song of that year. Let the Bloody Moon Rise, which was a short-time release (originally slated for physical release this year), finished at #54 in FTM's Top Albums of 2012 list. Clearly, Kasey was right in the pocket creating the kind of honest music I dig and that FTM promotes.

The band even made some headway in the commercial world, scoring an opening slot with Counting Crows on a European tour. The Crows also covered Anderson's "Like Teenage Gravity" on last years covers album, Underwater Sunshine.

Kasey's wit and dry approach also brought him some notoriety on Twitter. He gained thousands of followers and became fast contemporaries with professional comedians like Rob Delaney (even doing a show with Delaney) and Harris Wittels. Not bad for an alt-country singer/songwriter.

Cut to August or September of last year when Anderson began vague talk of retirement on Twitter and in his email newsletters. Then came the October Tumblr announcement that he was in fact giving up writing and performing for financial reasons. I didn't give it much thought, other than hating that a good young alt-country voice was going to be silenced for a time.

The Honkies disbanded and Kasey disappeared from my radar completely at this point.


This is where it gets weird. I'll let the professional writers do most of the talking from here. This story came out in December.. I somehow totally missed it. Wow.

And yesterday it got much worse.
Make sure you read at least this link... then you might want to go back and read the other one for more insight.

Holy shizz. Well, that escalated quickly. Or maybe it didn't. I don't really KNOW Kasey. Sure, he kicked off the FTM Interviews feature with this winning self-Q&A. Sure I've conversed with him on Twitter and many times ...but I don't know him.

I just thought Kasey was a little askew, but maybe I should have seen the signs. There were always complaints of fans not receiving albums and merchandise they purchased from him. His self-promo on ACT was a little grating at times and Anderson became seen as kind of flaky amongst regular contributors.

Oh and then there was this one instance in 2009 on the message board where he sought legal advice because "i am facing erroneous charges of insurance fraud and falsifying documents." Uh oh! Kasey claimed he was held overseas for an allegation that "involves an insurance claim that was filed in america for a large sum of money - about 150k." According to Anderson's posts, his case was eventually thrown out by the prosecutor. Scarred but whole, Kasey persevered. Not that big of a deal in a vacuum, but in the light of this new, much larger situation... certainly interesting.

I don't know what to think. While I, as someone with not exactly perfect mental health, can sympathize to some degree with someone suffering from bi-polar disorder, I can't make the jump from drinking/druggin/financial woes to HALF A MILLION DOLLARS IN FRAUD. And the names involved and the excuses made and the self-delusion. I just don't know. I didn't even want to bring that last paragraph's information to light because of some sort of loyalty I can't explain. Kasey may be a con-man. He may be a troubled individual that got in comically over his head in a ridiculous scheme that even the investors should have seen through from the get-go. Probably both. He's a talented dude either way and I wish the best for him.

This case, regardless of its outcome, may have killed his music career. Perhaps if Anderson gets out of this hole, he can use his comedic talents and this whole new wealth of content to create a new, legal way to make a living. It's got to pay better than the (alleged) failed-fraud racket.

Aug 1, 2012

Eric Church's New Single Cover Revealed

No really, that actually is the cover of his new single. I didn't have to parody it or anything. What's next? Country stars with their own undead mascots like metal bands used to have?

Jan 5, 2012

The Final Straw

"…one of the most real country songs I've ever had the pleasure of listening to." - Country Standard Time

"A masterpiece that is as timely as it is well written and sung." - That Nashville Sound

""Cost of Livin'" is a remarkable artistic triumph that any artist would have just cause to be proud of." - 1 to 10 Country Review

"…the most frighteningly real song of 2011. – Dan Milliken (Country Universe)

"This track is a masterpiece, which I can’t praise enough…" - My Kind of Country

"…the song and Ronnie’s performance are a potent reminder of music’s gift and potential for reflecting life as it is — and for offering messages that truly matter." - Country Music Rocks

"If it doesn't reach the top 5, I'm done with country radio, other than making fun of it. This is a signature song of our times." - Farce the Music

"Shame on the program directors and station owners who don’t have the testicular fortitude to play “Cost Of Living…" - The Music Junkyard


So, here we are. 2 months have passed since Ronnie Dunn's "Cost of Livin'" peaked at #17 on the Bob Kingsley Countdown (and at similar rankings - mostly lower - on other charts) and I, true to my word, have not listened to top 40 country by my own decision in some time. To be fair, I rarely listened to it anyway, other than morning shows to hear traffic and weather reports, but still. This unforgivable snubbing of a masterful and universally praised song is the end. Screw you, country radio.

I'm not going to put this on the listeners for a change. Sure, 20-30% of listeners probably hated this song because it was too slow, too sad, too country, too real - but the rest either loved, liked or tolerated it. Surely that's about the same numbers for any given hit single on the radio. So why did "Cost of Livin'" get frozen out (of the top 20 in many cases)?

Could this theory be correct? I think it's very possible. I won't say it's a government conspiracy - more likely a business conspiracy. Big business would like to put forward the idea that the economy is improving - there's the axiom "as you think so shall you be" - no matter how slowly this may be so. And just maybe, they'd be so brash as to nudge Clearchannel into putting the kibosh on this song. Ronnie Dunn didn't, and for that, I applaud him.

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you always got.” - Mark Twain

This was originally going to be one of my "sackpunch" articles, but country radio programmers have no balls. I doubt anybody was going to lose a job over playing Dunn's song, so why'd they stop playing it? If I knew the inner workings of single promotion and demotion, I'd have a stronger case here, but there's undoubtably enough blame to go around. I'm guessing programmers do as they always do - follow. Follow the lead of higher ups. Crank the happy stuff, the revolving-door redneck stuff, the mild 'she-left-me' songs with hopeful endings, the drivel that sells ads. Eyes on the bottom line.

In a way, eyes on the bottom line got us here… to this economy. Buying the cheapest crap, hiring the cheapest labor, resting on the cheapest of excuses. Get it now! Live for today! While that may be a good plan for the individual on some levels, it's not conducive to society's long-term success. I'll get off my lame attempt at making sense of America's financial situation, because I have no idea what I'm talking about.

I just know what I like to listen to. I just know I want something aimed at the heart, not the wallet.

How dare anyone in power determine for the listener what he or she wants to hear? Yet, this is country radio's business model. The 'failure' of Ronnie Dunn's "Cost of Livin'" is a microcosm of what's wrong with commercial radio and I'm done.

I know traditional country won't be played on mainstream country radio anytime soon. I've come to accept that. What I can't accept is that they won't even play something that makes the listener feel any feeling other than happy or blissfully ignorant.

For that, I feel that they can kiss my ass goodbye.

Dec 7, 2011

Just a reminder

We'll get back to the funny or critical tomorrow, but please remember to get the FTM Holiday Mixtape. An original recording of "Outlaw Shit" from Waylon Jennings that's never been released?!? That alone's worth $5 in my eyes, but for that five-spot, you also get 17 more awesome songs... just for helping abused and neglected kids.

There are only 2 steps:

1. Go here to donate at least $5: Childhelp

Make sure to enter your email address and you'll receive a thank you email from Childhelp. (It doesn't have any credit card info - I checked - so you won't be giving FTM access to extra Christmas spending money)

2. Forward the thank you email and I'll reply with a link to download the FTM Holiday Mixtape. It's that easy!

Dec 6, 2011

Help the kids and help your ears: The FTM Holiday Mixtape

Farce the Music is known for venom, sarcasm, snark and criticism. That's how it is and how it shall always be. However, in real life, I'm a nice guy who really doesn't actually hate any of the people I hate on… and I want to use FTM's audience to do something good for a change.

I love kids. I love my kids mostly, but all of them in general and in my opinion, the worst crimes of humanity are those against children. The recent scandals at Penn State and Syracuse weighed heavily on my heart and reminded me that I've always wanted to help out a children's charity. Now's the time.

Help out abused and neglected children by donating to Childhelp and I'll donate some good music to your ears!

…well, I, with help from 18 gracious singers and bands who've been kind enough to donate their songs for the 2011 Farce the Music Holiday Mixtape. (It's not holiday songs, just a holiday mixtape)

This mixtape features great songs from Drew Kennedy, Mike Ethan Messick, The Rankin Twins, Bart Crow Band, Fifth on the Floor and more! There are also several exclusive unreleased songs, including ones from John Moreland and Robert Earl Reed.

Also, for the first time ever, hear Fenixon - the 1996 collaboration between Waylon Jennings and Shooter Jennings. It's a Waylon meets Nine Inch Nails version of the song "Outlaw Sh*t." How badass is that?

All you have to do to get this awesome compilation of 18 songs is donate $5 or more to Childhelp. That's a heck of a deal. Help kids and help yourself.

There are only 2 steps:

1. Go here to donate at least $5: Childhelp

Make sure to enter your email address and you'll receive a thank you email from Childhelp. (It doesn't have any credit card info - I checked - so you won't be giving FTM access to extra Christmas spending money)

2. Forward the thank you email to and I'll reply with a link to download the FTM Holiday Mixtape. It's that easy!

Make sure to thank any and all of the artists on this compilation if you get a chance. They were all very helpful and willing to do what they could for this effort and I applaud them.

A track listing with short descriptions follows. Now go help the kids!!!

FTM Holiday Mixtape

1. Bart Crow Band - Back Down

From their 2008 release, Desperate Hearts, Bart Crow Band gives us this catchy, sly country rocker full of attitude.

2. Larry Hooper - Blue Truck

Great tune from Larry's new album, Between Here and the Stars.

3. Travel by Sea - Glimpse of Day

A band that started out as a collaboration of artists who'd never met in person, Travel by Sea submits this steel guitar-laden gem from their most recent album Two States and the Blindness that Follows.

4. John Moreland - The Future Unfolds

The first exclusive track on the mixtape, The Future Unfolds is an unreleased track from the ever busy Oklahoma singer-songwriter. It's hardly typical outtake quality as you'll hear. John's latest album with his new band The Dust Bowl Souls is called Everything the Hard Way.

5. Robert Earl Reed - Something Wicked

Another unreleased song, Something Wicked is the soulful title cut from the forthcoming album by Mississippi singer-songwriter Robert Earl Reed.

6. Drew Kennedy - Stars in California

From his critically acclaimed album, Fresh Water in the Salton Sea, FTM pal Drew Kennedy sings of soul-searching travels.

7. The Rankin Twins - Million Miles (Acoustic)

A bouncy, catchy tune from The Rankin Twins' recent EP, Silver Lining.

8. The Toby Wayne Band - Strangers

Oklahoma's The Toby Wayne Band gives us this sad lament of a country song, co-written by yours truly and Nashville songwriter Skip Black.

9. 2 Steps Back - Off Romancing

From Lovers & Fighters, 2 Steps Back rocks on this catchy tune that keeps getting stuck in my head.

10. Jeremy Steding - Arkansas Rain

The only song on the mixtape actually set during the holiday season, Arkansas Rain picks through the ruins of a broken relationship. From Jeremy's excellent 2011 album, I Keep on Livin', but I Don't Learn.

11. Ali Dee - World's Gone Crazy

Texas Women alum Ali Dee submits her catchy single World's Gone Crazy. The slickest song you'll hear on this comp, but it's far more interesting than your typical song this commercial sounding. Thanks Ali!

12. Rich O'Toole - Urban Disgrace

Rich donates this awesomely depressing tune from his 2008 album, In a Minute or 2.

13. Josh Grider - Crazy Like You

Josh shows Nashville how to write a female-friendly country song without pandering to the lowest common denominator. From Million Miles to Go.

14. Austin Collins - Bridge Street Lullabye

From Roses are Black, FTM pal Austin Collins gives us this introspective alt-country ballad.

15. Kasey Anderson - Sooner/Later (demo)

An exclusive demo from Kasey's 2010 album, Nowhere Nights. His 2011 release with The Honkies, Heart of a Dog, is one of FTM's favorite albums of the year.

16. Fenixon (Waylon and Shooter Jennings) - Outlaw Shit

Now this is cool… from the semi-mythical unreleased collab between Shooter and his dad (you may have heard of him) in 1996 called Fenixon, here's an industrial-rock meets country take on "Outlaw Shit."

17. Fifth on the Floor - Last Night in Memphis

Southern rockers Fifth on the Floor give us this awesome song from 2009's The Color of Whiskey.

18. Mike Ethan Messick - So Little Left To Lose

The mixtape ends on a decidedly country twang, with Mike's well-written and expertly played song from his 2011 album, The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday.


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