Dec 7, 2011

Just a reminder

We'll get back to the funny or critical tomorrow, but please remember to get the FTM Holiday Mixtape. An original recording of "Outlaw Shit" from Waylon Jennings that's never been released?!? That alone's worth $5 in my eyes, but for that five-spot, you also get 17 more awesome songs... just for helping abused and neglected kids.

There are only 2 steps:

1. Go here to donate at least $5: Childhelp

Make sure to enter your email address and you'll receive a thank you email from Childhelp. (It doesn't have any credit card info - I checked - so you won't be giving FTM access to extra Christmas spending money)

2. Forward the thank you email and I'll reply with a link to download the FTM Holiday Mixtape. It's that easy!

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