Dec 6, 2011

Help the kids and help your ears: The FTM Holiday Mixtape

Farce the Music is known for venom, sarcasm, snark and criticism. That's how it is and how it shall always be. However, in real life, I'm a nice guy who really doesn't actually hate any of the people I hate on… and I want to use FTM's audience to do something good for a change.

I love kids. I love my kids mostly, but all of them in general and in my opinion, the worst crimes of humanity are those against children. The recent scandals at Penn State and Syracuse weighed heavily on my heart and reminded me that I've always wanted to help out a children's charity. Now's the time.

Help out abused and neglected children by donating to Childhelp and I'll donate some good music to your ears!

…well, I, with help from 18 gracious singers and bands who've been kind enough to donate their songs for the 2011 Farce the Music Holiday Mixtape. (It's not holiday songs, just a holiday mixtape)

This mixtape features great songs from Drew Kennedy, Mike Ethan Messick, The Rankin Twins, Bart Crow Band, Fifth on the Floor and more! There are also several exclusive unreleased songs, including ones from John Moreland and Robert Earl Reed.

Also, for the first time ever, hear Fenixon - the 1996 collaboration between Waylon Jennings and Shooter Jennings. It's a Waylon meets Nine Inch Nails version of the song "Outlaw Sh*t." How badass is that?

All you have to do to get this awesome compilation of 18 songs is donate $5 or more to Childhelp. That's a heck of a deal. Help kids and help yourself.

There are only 2 steps:

1. Go here to donate at least $5: Childhelp

Make sure to enter your email address and you'll receive a thank you email from Childhelp. (It doesn't have any credit card info - I checked - so you won't be giving FTM access to extra Christmas spending money)

2. Forward the thank you email to and I'll reply with a link to download the FTM Holiday Mixtape. It's that easy!

Make sure to thank any and all of the artists on this compilation if you get a chance. They were all very helpful and willing to do what they could for this effort and I applaud them.

A track listing with short descriptions follows. Now go help the kids!!!

FTM Holiday Mixtape

1. Bart Crow Band - Back Down

From their 2008 release, Desperate Hearts, Bart Crow Band gives us this catchy, sly country rocker full of attitude.

2. Larry Hooper - Blue Truck

Great tune from Larry's new album, Between Here and the Stars.

3. Travel by Sea - Glimpse of Day

A band that started out as a collaboration of artists who'd never met in person, Travel by Sea submits this steel guitar-laden gem from their most recent album Two States and the Blindness that Follows.

4. John Moreland - The Future Unfolds

The first exclusive track on the mixtape, The Future Unfolds is an unreleased track from the ever busy Oklahoma singer-songwriter. It's hardly typical outtake quality as you'll hear. John's latest album with his new band The Dust Bowl Souls is called Everything the Hard Way.

5. Robert Earl Reed - Something Wicked

Another unreleased song, Something Wicked is the soulful title cut from the forthcoming album by Mississippi singer-songwriter Robert Earl Reed.

6. Drew Kennedy - Stars in California

From his critically acclaimed album, Fresh Water in the Salton Sea, FTM pal Drew Kennedy sings of soul-searching travels.

7. The Rankin Twins - Million Miles (Acoustic)

A bouncy, catchy tune from The Rankin Twins' recent EP, Silver Lining.

8. The Toby Wayne Band - Strangers

Oklahoma's The Toby Wayne Band gives us this sad lament of a country song, co-written by yours truly and Nashville songwriter Skip Black.

9. 2 Steps Back - Off Romancing

From Lovers & Fighters, 2 Steps Back rocks on this catchy tune that keeps getting stuck in my head.

10. Jeremy Steding - Arkansas Rain

The only song on the mixtape actually set during the holiday season, Arkansas Rain picks through the ruins of a broken relationship. From Jeremy's excellent 2011 album, I Keep on Livin', but I Don't Learn.

11. Ali Dee - World's Gone Crazy

Texas Women alum Ali Dee submits her catchy single World's Gone Crazy. The slickest song you'll hear on this comp, but it's far more interesting than your typical song this commercial sounding. Thanks Ali!

12. Rich O'Toole - Urban Disgrace

Rich donates this awesomely depressing tune from his 2008 album, In a Minute or 2.

13. Josh Grider - Crazy Like You

Josh shows Nashville how to write a female-friendly country song without pandering to the lowest common denominator. From Million Miles to Go.

14. Austin Collins - Bridge Street Lullabye

From Roses are Black, FTM pal Austin Collins gives us this introspective alt-country ballad.

15. Kasey Anderson - Sooner/Later (demo)

An exclusive demo from Kasey's 2010 album, Nowhere Nights. His 2011 release with The Honkies, Heart of a Dog, is one of FTM's favorite albums of the year.

16. Fenixon (Waylon and Shooter Jennings) - Outlaw Shit

Now this is cool… from the semi-mythical unreleased collab between Shooter and his dad (you may have heard of him) in 1996 called Fenixon, here's an industrial-rock meets country take on "Outlaw Shit."

17. Fifth on the Floor - Last Night in Memphis

Southern rockers Fifth on the Floor give us this awesome song from 2009's The Color of Whiskey.

18. Mike Ethan Messick - So Little Left To Lose

The mixtape ends on a decidedly country twang, with Mike's well-written and expertly played song from his 2011 album, The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday.


  1. Come on people! I'm unemployed and broke and I can afford this! Great idea Trailer. I'm mad that I didn't think of it first.

  2. I just did this. the mixtape is really good, espescially for just a minimal $5 donation



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