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Jul 12, 2022

Ridiculous AI Generated Country Music Images

Dall-E (mini) is an artificial intelligence that creates images from text. People have obviously been using it for making the most absurd images they can think of... like Donald Duck rapping, Shrek at the Last Supper, and other tomfoolery. Here are some country ones. (this is the lazy content you get during the summer doldrums)

This one sent by Cody Gentry

Oct 30, 2020

Top 10 Things More Likely Than Sam Hunt Releasing a Real Country Song

Remember that time Sam Hunt was gonna release a country song, but then he just released his usual kind of song with a sample of a real country song mixed in? Here are ten things more likely than Sam Hunt releasing a song we all agree is really country.

10. Your aunt actually wins that RV she keeps reposting about on Facebook.

9. Justin Moore takes a leak without standing on a potty stool.

8. A Nigerian prince sends you 3.2 million dollars.

7. The Simpsons stop predicting things correctly.

6. Ifs and buts become candy and nuts.

5. Gary Levox, hardcore porn star. 

4. Donald Trump releases his tax returns. Joe Biden admits he’s uncertain which city he’s in.

3. Kane Brown successfully completes a corn maze.

2. Hank Sr stops rolling in his grave.

1. New York Jets: Super Bowl LV champs.


By Trailer & Jeremy Harris

Jun 19, 2020

Male Country Singers as Women For Some Reason

Luke Bryan

Koe Wetzel

Eddie Montgomery

Jack Ingram

Kane Brown

Gary Levox

Garth Brooks

Billy Joe Shaver

Sturgill Simpson

Cody Jinks


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