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Aug 12, 2021

Loki Country Reaction Gifs

You want to hear country or western?

Does that "fancy like Applebees" song ever get stuck in your head?

How would you describe Sam Hunt's musical style?

When the 2:50 mark of Yola's "Stand for Myself" hits

When your friend says "Yeah, I love all this Americana stuff but Luke Bryan really isn't that bad."

Stuck in the Dollar General line with a boyfriend country station playing overhead

Looking at the country chart and seeing not that many women and not that much country.

Why don't you listen to Upchurch?

Mar 25, 2021

WandaVision Country Reaction Gifs

What? Why aren’t you gonna watch the ACM Awards?

Do you think Kane Brown is a good country singer?

Describe Niko Moon

Maren Morris starts out with a country song and then never releases another one.

When your first concert in a year is Billy Strings and that contact high hits.

When “Marie Laveau” comes on

Yeah, it’s been so long since I’ve seen a live show, I’ll go see Cole Swindell with you.

When somebody asks what I think of Luke Bryan in polite company

Sep 17, 2020

Spider-Man Country Reaction Gifs

When I hear Dan + Shay

"You heard that new FGL song? It's actually pretty good"

Yep, I've been listening to Lori McKenna again

When you detect shitty snapbeat country in your vicinity

Carrie Underwood & Thomas Rhett tied for ACM Entertainer of the Year???

When you had to watch the ACMs for blog content, but it's finally thankfully over

When the kid wants to hear some Kane Brown

♫ ♬ Write this down, take a little note ♫ ♬

Oh, you think I'm going to turn down the Waylon?

When just about any new male mainstream country singer meets another new male mainstream country singer 


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