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Aug 23, 2023

"Elderly" Country Songs / Hardy, Margo Price, Colter Wall, etc.

Colter Wall

Sleeping on the Tempur-Pedic

Bony Butt

I Ride an Old Plymouth



This Old Boy

Wait in the Buick

Unapologetically Cranky as Hell

Margo Price

Hurtin’ (On the Bladder)

I’m How Rumors Get Started

Been Through the Menopause

Hal Ketchum

Farts are Gonna Roll

Five O’Clock Buffet

Past the Point of Relations

Randy Houser

Rub a Little Vicks on It

How Bunions Feel

Runnin’ Outta Metamucil

Apr 27, 2023

Wrasslin' Country Reaction Gifs #70

When somebody throws on some Colter Wall

When I go see Willie's Outlaw Music Festival while my friend's out of town

When you have to go back to work at the place where everybody listens to pop country

Did you say you wanted to hear some country, and then request Kane Brown? That's an oxymoron or something.

Anytime a camera shows up around
a modern outlaw country artist

Oh you payed $1000 for a concert by a drunk and he missed the show? 

When my friend sees the results of my drunken tumble at the Turnpike show last night

Smoke a little smoke, drop a few elbows

"Hey Morgan, you have a show tomorrow. Think you should be renting out a bar for 3 hours tonight?"


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