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Aug 23, 2016

The SoBro Scavenger Hunt and Drinking Game

This is a Music Stash Contest Entry from Robert Groves.

The SoBro Scavenger Hunt and Drinking Game

Good luck, and may God have mercy on your souls.

1. There are 15 items on this list. You will have between the hours of 10 pm and Midnight on any given Saturday night in downtown Nashville to find and photograph each item on the list.

2. For every item remaining on the list after midnight, you must take a shot of fireball. The survival of your liver and dignity rely on your speed.

3. If at any time during the 2 hours you hear "Wagon Wheel" in any form, you must drink a tall can of PBR and start the list over.

The list:
1. More than 4 faddish modes of transportation lined up at a traffic light. 
(Pedal taverns, golf carts, hay rides, etc).

2. A shirtless homeless person.

3. A SoBro crab. (A person so intoxicated that they are no longer capable of walking forward and can only stagger sideways.)

4. A non-flat billed baseball cap

5. A street performer that looks like, or possibly is, Sturgill Simpson.

6. Someone throwing up out of an Uber or Lyft car.

7. A bachelorette foursome weighing less than 500 lbs.

8. The "trumpet guy" playing something other than When the Saints Go Marching In.

9. A bar bouncer without visible tattoos.

10. Any reference to Joe Diffie that isn't a horrible song by Thomas Rhett/Jason Aldean.

11. A "honky tonk bar band" playing a hip hop song.

12. Any Johnny Cash song besides "Ring of Fire" or "Folsom Prison".

13. A telephone pole or piece of construction equipment being used as a stripper pole.

14. A rhinestone cowboy hat...on a guy.

15. Inappropriate cleavage (front or back) visible on a passing pedal tavern.

Aug 17, 2016

Stash Contest Entry: Top Ten Things I’d Rather Listen to Than Florida Georgia Line

 From Matt Gallardo

*language warning*

Top Ten Things I’d Rather Listen to 
Than Florida Georgia Line

10)  Nails on a chalkboard

9) Fran Drescher

8) One of those yappy little dogs that never shut the fuck up

7)  A vacuum cleaner drowning out the new episode of my favorite TV show

6)  William Hung’s entire CD

5)  An audio book of “Heart of Darkness” read by Gilbert Gottfried

4)  A knife scraping over burnt toast

3)  A fire alarm being tested every five minutes.  All day long

2)  Pee Wee Herman singing “The Song That Never Ends”

1)  The guy in the next bathroom stall taking a loud explosive shit

Aug 15, 2016

Aug 9, 2016

Win Our Big Music Stash!

Over the past few years, particularly the last 2, we've built up quite a stash of CDs and other merchandise sent to us by bands and singers. I need to clear some of this stuff out, so I'm giving away a big ol' stash box.

So how can you win it? Just be funny. Since memes are the quickest way to get a joke across, that's one possibility. Make a meme and send it to us; easy as that. *United States only*

You can email it to 

or you can DM it to me on Twitter @Farcethemusic (let us know if we need to follow you) 

or you can message it on Facebook

We'll also accept Top 10 Lists, parody lyrics, parody songs, funny Photoshop edits, song reviews (funny or serious), and literally anything else you want to write or create, even just a funny tweet if you make sure I see it, that's related to music (particularly country and Americana). Please don't post anything directly on our Facebook page or Tweet it publicly. We'd rather the material stay private until (and if) we post it on FTM.

There's no limit on entries. The best wins, so quality is certainly more welcome than quantity,  but I don't care how many things you send. Be the funniest, the most insightful, the most clever, the best review writer… whatever. Anything you send may be posted on Farce the Music.

I (Trailer) and another member of the staff or two will judge entries. Winner gets the whole box of stuff (detailed below). There may be other prizes awarded as well, if we get a lot of good stuff. Contest starts now. Send your entry by midnight, Friday, August 26th. Now get to work!

Special thanks to these bands and artists for last-minute help filling up the box!

Here's the Prize Stash:

Unopened CDs
Jonathan Tyler - Holy Smokes
Bart Crow - Dandelion
Wrinkle Neck Mules - I Never Thought it Would Go This Far
Taylor Alexander - Real Good at Saying Goodbye
The Britt Lloyd Band - Unlabeled
The Britt Lloyd Band - The Ink
Dub Miller - The Midnight Ambassador
Dub Miller - Lost/Live
Cyrus James - Dreamers of the Day
Cyrus James - Molly and the Devil
Grady Spencer and The Work - The Line Between
Mayeux and Broussard - High Times & Good Rhymes

Lightly used CDs (ripped once and returned to package)
Will Hoge -Small Town Dreams
Wade Bowen - s/t
Chris Roberts - The Way West
The Excavators - s/t
The Mastersons - Good Luck Charm
Hailey Cole - Illusions
Randy Rogers and Wade Bowen - Hold My Beer, Vol. 1
The Surreal McCoys - The Howl and the Growl
Hailey Whitters - Black Sheep
Texas Renegade - Surviving the Flood

2 Wrinkle Neck Mules t-shirts (Different designs: 1 large, 1 xl)

Angaleena Presley
Grady Spencer & the Work
The Damn Quails
Charlie Worsham

Mayeux & Broussard Sticker
Wrinkle Meck Mules Sticker

Jul 11, 2012

Cody James Boots Review and GIVEAWAY!

Contest No Longer Active

The fine folks at Boot Barn have quite a treat for one of my readers. One of you will win your very own pair of the popular Cody James boots. I'll tell you how in a minute. Don't worry if you're not a cowboy; these boots are just as great for heading out to a bar for a country show or throwing a few lines down by the farm pond. 

I don't just say this because they hooked me up with my very own Distressed Square Toe boots, (the winner can choose from any of the Cody James boot styles) but these are by far the most comfortable pair I've ever owned. They're every bit as supportive through the ankle as any work boots I've owned too. They have a breathable lining and insole and that came in handy recently as I wore them for an all day outing at my family's rural land in South Mississippi. It was one of those 98ยบ with 95% humidity days that make the deep south such an oven in the summer. TMI maybe, but my feet didn't sweat at all in these boots. 

Even walking on our hilly land and around the muddy edges of one of our ponds as my son and cousin took a dip, the heels didn't slip. Now sure, I haven't put these through the paces just yet - I'm no cowboy, obviously - but they've been perfectly suited for every activity I've used them for.

I'm one of those people who'd just as soon go barefooted all the time or wear the lightest shoes possible, but the weight of the boots is nearly unnoticeable. They fit closely but not tightly around the leg and they move with me as fluidly as my jeans.

Oh, did I mention the look? These boots look great! They're rugged and understated, but have beautifully crafted stitched designs on the sides. I couldn't have found something more perfectly suited to my style. They have some flashier numbers, to be sure, but I love this particular look.

Now, if you want to go ahead and find your own pair, head on over to Boot Barn and find your fit. Or you can try your luck with Farce the Music first!

All you have to do to win your own pair of Cody James boots (again, the winner can choose from any of the Cody James boot styles) is comment here, on Facebook or Twitter and tell me the name of your favorite song about western life, cowboys or boots. That's it. Get your entry in by Monday, July 16. I'll choose a name from the hat and announce a winner next week. However, due to some issues with contests in the past, after I announce the winner, they'll have to email me their information within 3 days or the boots will go to the next selection (and so on).

So get on it! Tell me your favorite western song, whether it be a Bob Wills classic or a deep cut from an early 90s Garth Brooks album. Let's have it!


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