Mar 12, 2014

They're Called Team BS for a Reason

I'm not making a claim that anyone is lying here, and I'm sure there are factors I don't comprehend at work... but take a look at these headlines.

And then take a look at the current available seats for each of the events. Granted, these shows are months away and the probability of them actually selling out is pretty high, but the fact is - neither of them is sold out, particularly the MSG show. So why the deception? Could it be that "Team BS" is concerned about ACM voting? The final round of voting is going on now... and Luke Bryan recently sold out two MSG shows. Hmmm. I'm not making any accusations - just pointing out the facts.*

Thanks to Windmills Country for all the information!

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  1. Dude, you just showed up on my Show Prep site with this story!



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