Mar 26, 2014

Introducing: Soul Circus Cowboys

This is a composite of 2 real ads for an actual band with this truly existing new song, actually titled "That's the Way We Roll."

"Hey B-Roy."

"Sup, Chaz?"

"You seen how every band that Farce the Music blog makes fun of goes on to sell millions and become huge stars, bro?" 

"Yeah, I noticed that! Maybe he's getting paid to make fun of them… like uh, inverse psychology or whatever."

"Well, are you tired of playing weddings, massage parlors, and cotillions?"

"Hell yeah, son."

"Let's take a look-see at FTM and see what they say is lame, over-used and douchey…. and then do exactly that!"

"You're right on the money, dawg. I got that blog up on my iPad now."

"Let's see… Bleeding Cowboys font is cliché as hell? Call your cousin Tallboy and get him to Photoshop us up a logo with …. let's see.. a skull, a banner and lots of Bleeding Cowboys font!"

"Damn that sounds ugly"

"Don't matter; you want that money dontcha? We gots ta look edgy!"

"You know what's up, bra."

"Alright, FTM says Affliction shirts are stupid, so Stephen's definitely wearing one in the promo shots."

"He can borrow one of mine if he don't have any."

"I think he's got six or seven. He had a big Christmas. And Riley can wear the shirt with his embroidered initial on it. Don't want him forgetting who he is again."

"I thought that was from a bad batch of Fireball."

"Maybe. Okay, next… the music! All we gotta do to have a platinum #1 smash is to make all the words from FTM's 'douchebag song checklist' and 'bro-country bingo' to rhyme over a rock song with hip-hop phrasing."

"Maybe you can move your hands around like Tupac. That would be sweet!"

"Yeah… oh, and I notice that there has been song after song after song after song about "how we roll," so clearly needs one more song about that!"


"Dude. We're gonna be huge."

"Like, FGL huge. No, there's four of us so we'll be uh, three times as huge!?"

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