Oct 26, 2011

You Suck as a Music Fan Vol. 4

As always, thanks to some of my Twitter followers for providing their own #yousuckasamusicfanif ideas. I won't sign off my support on a couple of them, but I do appreciate the responses!


• You're over 22 and a Brantley Gilbert fan

• You prefer Weezer's recent output to their first 2 albums

• You make a comment on this post arguing that it's okay to be over 22 and a Brantley Gilbert fan

• you have a Brantley Gilbert tattoo
- @IanKEvans

• The only legally purchased music you get is at Christmas and birthdays

• You're only into "old school" rap like "Master P and Nelly"

• you don't know who James McMurtry is...
– @theblakeolson

• You wear a giant cowboy hat to a concert where there's assigned seating

• if you don't listen to @buckcherry
- @_Linda1

• You love Godsmack, but you think Alice in Chains is just the title of a porn movie

• You've ever passed out at the concert of your "like, favorite band ever"

• you don't know who Bruce Robison, Billy Joe Shaver or Guy Clark are.
- @slingblade322

• You have dreadlocks …but are not of Jamaican descent

• you don't like @TaylorRHicks! The man is all soul-whoohoo!
- @indigo81067

• You think Jimmy Wayne would be pretty good if he didn't have such a country twang

• you think Widespread Panic is awesome
- @imakehits2

• You've said "Hunter Hayes is the future of country music" without a frown on your face

• You have any respect whatsoever for Curb Records

• You have ever defended Chris Brown's honor

• the biggest factor in you liking a band is whether they're from Texas or not. - @ryandatkinson

• if you Tweeted this: @geereynolds "Chris Brown is god."

• you don't throw up in your mouth a little every time you see or hear the name Clear Channel
- @slingblade322

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