Nov 9, 2011

Anatomy of a Douche: Mikel Knight

Thanks(?) to Rita for introducing me to this exciting new artist on the scene. Without even hearing a note of his music, I can deduce his douchiness just by seeing this concert ad. (Oh, and his albums are called King of Country Rap volumes 1, 2 etc. That's a tipoff too.)



  1. And in 2015, he is still a douche. He recruits young thug wannabes to sell his cds and tshirts (which he calls his clothing line) out of vans in WalMart parking lots across the country. They keep getting arrested for peddling without the proper permits.

    1. They are doing the same thing in Upstate NY today. I spread the word about this douche to all of my friends. He's trying to say the CD money goes to help victims of domestic abuse. Some of them say the money goes to homeless people. His "salesmen" are telling people they are touring with Jason Aldean. As much as I don't care for Mr. Aldean, I'm going to email his staff about this.

  2. This dude a fuck boy. Only thing that comes out of Texas is queers. I wish I'd see these fuck boys in my city, they wouldn't last a day in Philly.



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