Nov 30, 2011

Tim Beats Curb

While FTM isn't usually a fan of Tim McGraw's music, we're a fan of artistic freedom and fair treatment. Suck it, Curb Records.


  1. The decision against Curb came down around 2:30. By 4:30 Curb had sent out an email to radio that Tim's new single is available for immediate airplay.

    What. A. Coincidence.

  2. CURB's behavior with Tim was pretty excessive but generally I don't like artists who want "artistic freedom." I think the labels put a big investment into creating an image and marketing plan for an artist and the labels should be able to insist that the artist follows through. Artists should be seen as employees who have to take orders. But in this case, CURB went way to far. Actually, they have done that with a lot of artists. I hope CURB suffers in the future by doing bad, business-wise. Artists are still people (though barely) and labels should have some obligations



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