Feb 19, 2012

YouTube Junk: HER and Kings County

As if the band name wasn't bad enough, give this a listen if you dare...


  1. Wrong on manifold levels, though I could gaze upon her (HER?) for a good long while...on mute. The dude taking his prosthetic leg off after the card game in the vid's more fun than the entirety of the frightfully unfortunate song in which the aforementioned act was performed in service. Alas, it's already getting played on my nearest commercial country FM.

  2. Yuck. Saw this band open for Miranda Lambert (I think) in the Joplin area a couple years ago. Hadn't heard of them since and was hoping they had gone away. Forever.

    1. Wrong!! They never opened for Miranda-get your s..t together before making a Judgment!! And i guess u have no idea about cool music! Your brain is limited!

  3. I was going to call her a redneck Ke$ha,but I can't even be THAT mean to Ke$ha!

  4. Love HKC-it's about time there is a band that doesn't sing about stupid love song or my b-friend left me. Good music is not just a tune-but the whole package and HKC have it all. And i can't wait for their new video to come out. They pack every place they play!! I saw them with friends and everyone loved it right away!!They r the nicest people i ever met. All you peole know as far i can tell by this post is one song-you have to see then perform and then talk. And i guess most people here have no idea whats good music is- You'r all brain washed by Teller or Miranda..fake! HKC is real!!



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