May 1, 2012

Honest Eric Church Concert Ticket


  1. Love the ticket!. Also. Eric Church isn't the only one who dislikes the singing competitions, but he made his opinion known in a super obnoxious way. Moreover, even though I don't care for the Voice, American Idol, and the like, I think Kelly Clarkson, Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood make music that is as good (and probably better) than Eric Church's. Church comes off like an idiot bashing people who went on those shows, when some of them, quite frankly, are more talented and make better music than he does.

    I get that Church wants to have an "Outlaw" image. But 1) criticizing American Idol is hardly "outlaw," lots of people do that. 2) Making your point in a super obnoxious way is not outlaw, its just stupid. If Church wants to be an outlaw he should find ways to make music that breaks standard conventions rather than go around insulting people.

  2. The only thing inaccurate about this ticket is that the Ticketmaster service charge would be more like $75 on a $225 ticket.



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