Jul 9, 2012

OMG Reviews: Jason Eady - AM Country Heaven

by Brittany Fant, 14-year-old music fan and aspiring reviewer

Here's a link to the album, but DON'T BUY IT IT SUCKS!

What is going on here? This guy is talking bad about country music!!! I'm a new fan of country music and I won't put up with this. Who is he? I don't see his name anywhere on the top 40 songs chart. I do see Hunter Hayes' name!!!! Enough said, Jason. Really, what have you done to be able to put down country music like this? All your songs are sad and your voice is sooooooooooooooooooo depressing. That's not real country music! Real country music is only sad like on one song per album. The rest of it is about partying and love!! And driving around in a truck. You don't have a song on this album about driving around in a truck, so you must be from the city! That's okay, I'm from the suburbs myself, but I have trees in my yard and my dad has a F-150 so I'm real country! Brantley Gilbert is kind of scary but he sings about real country stuff like girls in cut off jeans and Hank, so he's real country. Jason Eady said he just turned 35 on one song. LOL! OLD! No wonder he's talking bad about the AWESOME music on the radio. He's probably playing shuffleboard at the nursing home and complaining about the pistachio pudding being warm. LOL LOL. He's so out of touch, he thinks LMFAO is a toy store. His voice sounds too real - hasn't he heard of autotune???? This album is so depressing I could only listen to like 30 seconds of each song. Except that first one where he disses REAL COUNTRY MUSIC. He is a bitter loser who can't get played on the radio with people who deserve it like Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean. He should listen to some Hunter Hayes and lighten up or learn to play a guitar that's actually plugged in, LOL. OLD! You go girl!

Even though he's decrepit and scruffy, he's kinda cute so I'll give him 1/2 heart hands.


  1. Country music is way more than a popularity contest, top 40 means nothing to true country fans. This is a great album to those who appreciate true country and like to hear good story telling, more than just cut-off jeans and driving trucks. Also, I assure you, this guy is not "from the city". In a true country fans opinion this is about as good as ever.

  2. wow this person is an idiot! Jason Eady is true Country the way it is suppose to be. He is a true songwriter! He doesnt have horrible "so-called" country songs like "TRUCK YEAH" which I might add is the worst song I have ever heard!

    1. Well said...I guess she just wants her 15 mins of fame....so you live in the "burbs" and your dad drives a truck....not impressed...Carrie Underwear singing about a tornado...that makes it country....NO...top 40 "country" pretty much all sucks...most of it should do well on the pop charts though...

  3. Please god. Tell me this is a joke!

  4. This should have been written in sarcastic font to remove any confusion!!!! Hahaha!

  5. I'm not interested in those non mainstream singers who sing songs about how crappy top 40 country is. Believe me, I know how crappy it is without having to be reminded about it in a song. Nor am I interested in songs about Austin v Nashville, or authenticity or whatever.

  6. It's just one song, last Anonymous.

    Anyway, yes this is a joke, like the other "reviews" from Brittany.

    Here's Jason Eady's reply about this review from Facebook:
    "This is great!

    And will you please pass along to Brittany that while I would love to write songs that connect with the day to day life of a 14 year old I've just lived too much since that time of my life to really be able to pull it off. I'm going to leave that to the guys who are on those top 40 charts who seem to have no problem at all with that issue. And I honestly have no idea who Hunter Hayes is but based on her enthusiasm I'm going to assume he truly is AWESOME!!

    As far as LMFAO is concerned, I'm not THAT old. And even though Redfoo is exactly my age I still love the records his dad made better. Shit, maybe I am that old."

  7. Hey 3:50, I am not interesting in your mother either, so tell her to stop sexting me. Those saggy old meat curtains have too much milage for me.

  8. I think it's awesome that people don't know this is a farce... clearly ignoring the title of your website. I love it. Love it.

  9. No Country For Trolled Men.



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