Aug 8, 2012

A Rant by Mike Brooks

Algorithm and Blues
by Mike Brooks

So...this week, a mistake in math by a certain company pushed a change of events that moved the stock markets lower and may lead to the demise of said company.  The rights and wrongs of "wealth without work" are for another rant on another blog. And this shit matters too.

Here's the thing...because you have algorithm (technology) doesn't mean you have rhythm.  Because you can sample/record something somebody else (with rhythm) created doesn't mean you should.  And because you and your buddies like it blasted from the stereo in your Honda Civic doesn't mean anyone else will.

I have heard enough about pimps and hoes, Cristal vs Remy, Escalades and their wheel size...good lord do you have nothing original to say?  Oh..and the way you treat women is disgusting...maybe not to you or them now, but it will be someday.

Why not do this...go to local music store and buy an instrument.  Most of those performers you profess to love did.  Strum, hit, jingle, pick or blow it.  Take a lesson, find a voice, play a song, make up a song find some people that you can PLAY music.  Warning's not easy, it is a lot of work....and fun...and real.

Just a thought....I could be wrong.


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  1. this rant isn't funny, thoughtful, or in any way interesting.

  2. I like it. It has a good angle and fits the narrative of Farce the Music.



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