Oct 15, 2012

OMG Reviews: Granger Smith - We Do It In a Field

Granger Smith - We Do It in a Field (listen at this link)

by Brittany Fant, 14-year-old aspiring reviewer

This is a pretty good song! Even though they're talking about things I'm too young for, this is the most country song I've heard in a while that I actually like. It's got it all! Trucks, tank tops, beer (ugh, I tried that stuff one time with my ex and it's so EWWWWW), creeks, George Strait (whoever that is), partying! I can't wait till I get my license and get old enough to go on dates so I can do stuff like this! I think he has a double meaning when he sings "we DO IT in a field." LOL. U know what I'm talking about. (going to third base, shhhhh) This ain't no Hunter Hayes song, that's for sure. He's a good boy who doesn't do age-inappropriate things. I LUV U HUNTER!!!!!! 

But Granger is pretty cute too! At least he's not gross like this guy. He sings pretty good too. Not too twangy or any of that crap. We like our country to sing about doing stuff in the country, not sounding like old-timey country, so this is a perfect anthem for all teens and those of us who are ready to partay!!!!! I hope my high school boyfriend has a real truck, you know, a jacked up brand new one with step-sides and chrome wheels and a great sound system! Not one of those crappy old ones that people do work in. He needs to show me off when we go to parties in the field! But it better not be too muddy or have cow-poop or mosquitos or anything. I like to be in the country sometimes, but I don't wanna get it on me, lol. Anyway, I like this song a whole bunch. I can't give it 5 heart-hands because that's reserved for the perfection of U KNOW WHO (and sometimes Taylor Swift).

4 Heart Hands!!!!!!


  1. I like how this could be an Earl Dibbles Jr. song, and you'd still think it was part of the joke...

  2. I love this haha I actually love both Granger and Hunter's music, but it's pretty accurate as a little teen's description these days. Such a shame. hahaha



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