Jan 10, 2013

Honest Parmalee Single Cover

This is modern country! (????)

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  1. While they were still a rock band, they had country artist Benton Blount cut Carolina for country radio! His label sent it nationwide to radio but the label folded one week prior to add date! Seeing the possible success of the single, they packed up and moved the rock show to country and signed with stoney creek! After signing they stopped all contact with Blount who had been friends with them for years and even had their attorney send Blount letters trying to scare him into not releasing a new version of the song! If you google the band, you can clearly tell where they came from and what their path was! The possible fame and quick cash obviously was worth trading in their friendship with a great artist and jumping to a genre without knowing much about it! Benton's version may get the same critique as Parmalee's version but I will let you be the judge! http://youtu.be/rSX4KAQ0QT0



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