Jan 16, 2013

Larry Lee the Primitive Baptist Reviews: Ray Wylie Hubbard's Letterman Appearance

I should have known this newest song/video Trailer had for me to review would be particularly nefarious since the video in question is filmed in New York City on the stage of that intern philandering David Letterman. Sin abounds! Trailer, does your conscience have no reins?

I won't even bother with scripture this time. You'll know quickly enough how closely Satan himself hides behind this work of art. And yet, the media allowed Mr. Ray Wylie Hubbard to preach his lifestyle across the airwaves. Should we be surprised?

Just look at this homeless-looking individual talking over the Devil's music in the background. And he's talking about what? Strippers and drinking establishments and whatnot. That's whatnot. Oh and it gets even better.

This Mr. Hubbard, if that is truly his name tells the sordid story of selling his father's car, without permission, for the money to buy a guitar ...on which to play these dirty stories. Sin is an endless cycle, my friends. An endless cycle that'll spin you off its wheel into hell when your time is done.

The last part of the song describes Ray Wylie's scandalous means of providing himself with female companionship at the end of one night at this sin-den where the women are stumbling-blocks and the men are brain-dead fools led around by their kickstand. I feel stained just having written to you about all this manner of vice and profligacy.

And yet again, as if all this degeneracy weren't enough to win him Hell's employee of the week without even working there yet, Mr. Hubbard has the gall to marry the underage door girl. Friends and saints, if Obama has fooled you into seeing a light at the end of the tunnel, just know that it is not a light, but the incandescent flickering of the flames of HELL. I advise those of you who soil your senses with this sickness to repent now. NOW I SAY TO YOU!!!!



  1. You're a dumbass. Ray Wylie rocks.

  2. He looks homeless? Um, not at all. This guy has a shit ton of money. A lot more than you do I'm sure, Preacher.

  3. You guys who commented are incompetent fucktards. Get a grip on life and a sense of humor.

  4. I find it odd that a RWH fan, who I assume is brighter than the average person, fails to recognize the rather obvious satire. Dear anonymous #1 (and #2, who I assume is the same person), Larry does not exist, the writer is a fan imagining what someone like "Larry" might say. Is that clear now?

  5. well, my thought is larry is pretty much right on about it all. he should know though that the door girl was 31 when we married. when she was 16 she was dating jimmy buffet so she didn't give me a second glance. justa grinnin'& a'sinnin' ray wylie hubbard

  6. Dang anonymous I wonder where he's hiding the money! How much is a shit ton any way?
    Mother Hubbard

  7. If listening to RWH is wrong...I don't wanna be right.

  8. I dunno...I was pretty impressed that all the guitars were in tune...and the drummer didn't fall over half way thru the song...

  9. Peter Peter ProfligatorJanuary 17, 2013 at 10:44 PM

    I agree with emfrank,To misquote the great writer/philosopher Ray Wylie Hubbard " The problem with irony is that not everybody gets it" or alternately Shakespeare "Me thinks that Larry dost protest too much" - Larry is pulling our collective, decadent sinners's leg.

    Hope Larry had time to catch the encore of uh....uh...,let me clean it up as best I can for Larry "Fornicate you, we're from Texas". Look forward to his review of that masterpiece.

    I think a "shit ton" is somewhere between a shit load and a ton, proly a lot less than the TV preachers though.

  10. Hell's Employee of the Week ain't bad either. It ain't a grammy but still better than anything I've done this year so far.

  11. With all due respect, fuck you. We're from reality. Sorry you can't see us from wherever you are. May God's love grant you the serenity to quit being a hateful bastard, Larry Lee.



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