Apr 25, 2013

Larry Lee the Primitive Baptist Reviews: Casey Donahew Band - Go To Hell

Casey Donahew Band - Go To Hell
Listen here if ye dare.

Children of the Lord, this song is a laundry list of sin and despair.
Behold all the evils the Casey Donahew Band sells to its fans:
Sexual impropriety
Foul language
Threats of violence
More drunkenness

Really, Mr. Donahew? Are you aware that it won't be long after that "phone call to your ex to remind her to go to Hades" that you won't be long following her (if in fact she is not saved by the blood). You have logged into Satan's version of Expedia and reserved a room, son. It won't be a 5 star, it won't even be a 1 star. It will be a 3 by 3 cinder block cell in which you have to attempt to sleep crouched over burning coals while "Florida-Georgia Line with Nelly" plays over and over through a loudspeaker. There won't be no Gideon's Bible in a drawer for you to read and cry out to the Lord for help either, just an unauthorized Rascal Flatts biography with a Gary Levox centerfold.

The biggest sin the "CDB" has committed with this song is that they will cause young "CDB" fans to stumble. How many trucker-capped, fist pumping young men will follow the band down this Texas highway to Hell? This song is pretty catchy, so it will certainly appeal to the younger demographic and all the "attitude" (which is really just a code word for "Hate of Jesus") will cause their hormone addled minds to see this sort of behavior as "cool" or "tight, yo."

I will pray for this band and its fans tonight. I will lift them up and ask the heavenly Father to help them turn away from humanism and vice before they join such "icons" of that lifestyle as Johnny Paycheck and Hank Williams in perdition.

My rating for this reprehensible song:



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