Apr 3, 2013

Live Review: Ronnie Fauss, D.C.

Ronnie Fauss - 3/24/13 - Hill Country BBQ, Washington D.C.

By Matthew Martin

If you read my review for Ronnie Fauss's album I Am The Man You Know I'm Not, you probably gathered that I wasn't a huge fan of the album.  If you didn't read it, you can check it out here.  I have since changed my mind on the album, but if you want context, you should finish reading this review.

Around February or so I noticed Ronnie would be coming up to D.C. to play at Hill Country BBQ.  I figured the songs were growing on me and if nothing else, it's great to get to hear live interpretations.  To be honest, I was concerned that Ronnie would be a bit sour after the review, but that couldn't have been further from the truth.  He was very friendly and was open to the criticism I may have had with the album.

This was somewhat of a showcase, so there were no openers, just Ronnie playing a solo set with only his guitar and harmonica.  In this setting, his lyrics were able to take center stage and, for the most part, they really shined.

He played every song from his full length, as well as most of the songs from his 2 EPs.  I hadn't heard either of the EPs, but purchased both immediately.  One song that I really liked from his 2010 EP Mulligan was "Just Another Tuesday."  I really loved the bare bones version that he played compared to the souped up version on the EP.  He stated that he plans to record another version for an upcoming album.  It will be great to hear what he has in mind for the re-recording.

Halfway through the set, a group of children got up and began dancing to a lot of his songs which included "Pistols in the Air."  It was pretty neat to see these kids really liking a lot of the music. And, furthermore, Ronnie was more than happy to see them dancing along to songs he mentioned were written with his kid in mind.

By the end of the evening, Ronnie had played a slew of songs including my favorites: "The Night Before the War," "I Don't See You," "Just Another Tuesday," and "I Can't Remember (What You Can't Forget)."  Alongside these tunes, he played some covers of John Prine, Slobberbone, and Merle Haggard.

As I mentioned earlier, I have really grown to like the album I Am The Man You Know I'm Not.  Likewise, hearing the songs in person solidified that these are great songs sung by a genuine and nice guy.  As a lot of Texas musicians are prone to do, it seems like Ronnie does not play outside of Texas too often.  I am hoping that will change.  But, until then, if you see that he's coming around you, you should go see him.  Also, go support him and buy some music here.

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