Jun 6, 2014

Brantley Gilbert Fan eCards #28

These are actual YouTube comments from Brantley Gilbert fans.


  1. bwahahaha, this stuff was brilliant. People wonder why America is in the shitter. BAM you just got told why!

  2. "This is just about people having a good time so F#$% off!!" that's the problem all country music is now is "Good Times" and by "Good Times" I mean drivin' in your truck wit yo honey in dem cutoff jeans and drinkin' a beer (yes drinking and driving people!) it seems they think all there is are Good Times I feel like Sophia in an episode of Golden Girls when Rose mentioned all the "Good Times" constantly had in St. Olaf sorry if I got a bit repetitive (like a modern day hick-hop tune) but whatever happened to country songs with meaning? George Jones for example or for a more recent example most of Collin Raye's works should don nicely!



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