Jun 23, 2014

New Video: Jon Pardi - What I Can't Put Down

What's this? Mainstream country? On FTM? I gave this guy's new album a shot last week and was happily surprised. It's not bad at all, and this new single is strong.


  1. Really? This sucks. I got about 15 seconds into it and had to shut it off.

  2. THANK GOD YOU ARE FINALLY ACKNOWLEDGING JON PARDI. I've been a big fan of his ever since I first heard his single Up All Night. Up All Night was a bro song but instrumentally it was country as can be, unlike most bro songs. So then his album came out in January & I was hooked. Only one cliche song, fiddle, steel guitar, this guy is awesome. I saw him in concert & met him June 13. He keeps it country & he's the coolest guy ever. I hope he hits it big with music like this. I told him to never sellout & start singing pop country!

  3. The vocal sounds a bit too reminiscent of Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard in terms of the overblown twang, but the instrumentation and lyricism is pretty solid.

    If Florida Georgia Line tried to sound more like this, I could see myself warming up to them somewhat in time.



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