Feb 27, 2015

Bobby Bones: Hypocrite


  1. Perhaps Bobby Bones is a hypocrite, but if his story about Aaron Watson is true, then Watson seems sexist, just like Luke Bryan and co. In Watson's defense, his entire career isn't built off of sexism like the bro-country singers careers, but still...

    Really, though... If the story is true I could do without the attitudes of Bobby Bones, Bro-Country and Aaron Watson.

  2. Growing up in the great state of Texas, we often say Sweetheart, Darlin', and Sugar as terms of endearment to the greater sex. Sure some guys can use them in a misogynistic manner, but for the most part, we use it with reverence. I've known Aaron for 10 years and in all time, I've never once seen him use those terms in a rude or hateful manner. He always hugs my wife and says "good to see ya again sweetheart." If you listen to his apology, you can hear the sincerity in his voice about not meaning to offend her. Aaron is a true class act. We need more like him on country airwaves, as artists and DJ's.

  3. has feminism REALLY gone so far as to say that a term of endearment is sexist? have we really come to that?!?! this is sickening

  4. Of all the famous people I can think of, Aaron Watson is the one I'm willing to stand up and say "That's a good guy." Screw that other guy. May he be raped to death by a pack of six foot syphilitic porcupines.

  5. Aaron called a woman a sweetheart, as opposed to BB calling a woman a shit head. What a...

  6. I'm not exactly sure this wasn't some publicity stunt from Bones' end.

    1. I can say from a good source that it was not a stunt from Watsons end.



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