May 1, 2017

Love Country? You Need W.B. Walker's Old Soul Radio Show in Your Life

By Robert Dean

When you’re into podcasts, one thing gets apparent pretty quick: there are a lot of fucking podcasts. No matter what you’re looking for, someone’s got a show about whatever interest you hold. It can get tedious.

A few years ago, podcasts were met with the feeling of “not as good as radio” which, while radio still has its merit, podcasts are the superior medium. They’re uncensored, and not beholden to corporate dollars deciding what’s cool and what’s not. Because of the ability to do whatever they please podcasts can go way off the rails, or stay right and true to their vision.

 Amongst the sea of podcasts, one, in particular, stands tall above the rest: W.B. Walker’s Old Soul Radio Show. Showcasing the best in Country, Americana, Blues, Rockabilly and whatever else has a soul, W.B Walker has a knack for giving the world the goods long before anyone else.

Before most people knew who Sturgill Simpson was, Old Soul Radio was on the case. Same with Colter Wall, who’s become a dear friend of the show, along with Tyler Childers. (If you don’t know Tyler Childers, you will. Trust me.)

The variety with commentary and sheer passion for the music is infectious because W.B. is such a good dude, and frankly that shines through with the content. Think of the vibe of W.B. Walker’s Old Soul Radio Show as a lewd Daytrotter session. There are live performances straight from his barn, which from photos looks like the country dive we’ve all dreamed of putting in a hardnosed drinking shift inside. (If you’ve ever seen in Heartworn Highways, I imagine W.B Walker’s Barn is reminiscent of the final scene when everyone’s drunk singing silent night.)

W.B. spins a lot of flavors of music that offers a piece of the larger narrative of what the real America, not what’s being shoved down our throats via the Nashville machine, actually is. While a lot of podcasts do a noble job of promoting the country music scene or what’s happening in Blues, W.B. has the right mix of stuff you haven’t heard, while tossing in the occasional classic. I thought I was a die-hard Hank Williams fan, but then W.B. trumped me in almost every way. That dude is a walking Hank Williams encyclopedia. When there’s so much bad music out there, it’s incredible to hear the latest episode of the podcast, and appreciate that the playlist doesn’t feel shat out, but yet, curated. You can tell he agonizes at what vibe the episodes have, what feeling he’s trying to convey.

 If you’ve been looking for that podcast that provides an endless amount of new music to check out, then look no further than W.B. Walker’s Old Soul Radio Show. It’s an hour that’s wholeheartedly worth your time.

Tell em’ Robert Dean sencha. 

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