Aug 3, 2017

Single Review: Joe Nichols "Never Gets Old"

by Jonny Brick

In a marketplace where there’s a country chappie for everyone, and a new one is introduced every other week, sometimes vintage works too.

This is the title track of Joe’s first album in four years. Elsewhere on the album are covers of "Diamonds Make Babies," written by Chris Stapleton and an album cut by Dierks Bentley, and "Baby Got Back," which answers the question: What happens if Brad Paisley had gone full hip-hop on "Accidental Racist?" It’s surprising there hasn’t been more coverage of the album’s final track, which is a nice bonus after eleven tracks of homegrown ole-fashioned country like this tune.

In the rich key of D-flat with a whisper of accordion, "Never Gets Old" is a gentle love song about a girl’s touch being ‘like sunshine or Amazing Grace.’ Time goes on like a ‘broken record’ but with her around doing some kissing and holding hands, everything’s a-ok.

The lyric isn’t shouted but crooned, and the arrangement pushes the tenderness of the message into the foreground. It’s an adult love song, pitched at people who have been pushing ‘a rock up that big ole hill’ and find comfort in their life partner.


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