Aug 15, 2017

The Worst Country Song of All Time

This could be a weekly feature at this point. I'm sorry about this, but I just had to share because it's SO bad. From the same person who brought us "Ridiculous," with the second syllable stressed to sound like "dick."


  1. OMG Becky! Can I have the last 3 minutes of my life back?

  2. Holy shit. This really is the worst song of all time. And I said that no one would ever beat out Thomas Rhett for South Side. I was so wrong.

  3. I'm a fan of Luke Bryan, Sam Hunt, Thomas Rhett.
    I have to say Haley won't be one of the few women being played on the radio.
    This song is more of a rap song than a country song and the worst country song this year.
    The worst lyric in this crap is "Sweat dripping down my skin like a popsicle stick just to break it for ya."

  4. Hope she dont quit her day job she sure dont have a future in music u got to be able to sing a little for that WOW

  5. I'd say Ke$ha has crossed over to Na$hitville, but that would be unfair even to Ke$ha...



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