Oct 15, 2019

Twitter Reviews Brantley Gilbert's Monday Night Football Halftime Performance

*Foul language warning*

and one major fail:


  1. I see lots of people living in glass houses throwing lots of stones. Just be aware of karma...she is a beee-yatch!! Everyones entitled to their opinion but there are some awful comments on here. Glad to know all you MNF fans are so perfect you can publicly talk smack and beat another man down for doing what he does...just sayin.

    1. Angela I miss kissing you.

    2. Karma, jesus they didn't tell the guy to go jump off a bridge, get a grip. People are entitled to say they think it's crap music if that's what they think. especially when there are plenty of really talented artists in Country music that aren't getting the kind of support a talentless hack like this is. This isn't Country music, it's noise and if you can't understand or respect what Country music means to those who were born and raised on it. Who for generations have listend to is as the soundtrack to their lives, you have no business commenting on it.

  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1NhIfk-hrqg

  3. Yeah well Angela you're obviously a fucking idiot, so who cares.



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