Mar 2, 2022

Jeremy Squires has a New Single out and Boy, is it Sad

By Robert Dean

Just in from the hotness desk: Jeremy Squires has a new single out, “Drift,” which sounds like some straight lonely heart pulling out of the train station in the rain type of shit.

This is probably your shape and size if you’ve got an early Bob Dylan - but really lonely kink. Squires’ music feels like it’s moving into that Bruce Springsteen direction, including that damn harmonica, you know, the one that sounds like a bird off in the distance, yearning for some new great love or something deep and meaningful.

Listen to it here or below. It does not suck, but don’t put it on at a party. Well, that’s on you and your Hellraiser “we love suffering” tendencies if you do. Way to be awesome, and sad, Jeremy.

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