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Dec 7, 2016

Save Mike IX

By Robert Dean

The older we get, the more we realize we’re not as invincible as we once envisioned ourselves. Things break, we suffer afflictions, addictions, and watch our friends die. Life can be a total asshole. But, in those moments of “what the fuck, world?” there are the times of solace, enlightening, awakening and love. It’s just the human experience: the roller coaster goes up, and it goes down, we’re all lucky to remain seated on the ride, and should never take for granted, as such. 

 A fervent mixture of all of the aforementioned feelings rests on the shoulders of one toxic cowboy, one lifer whose legacy looms large, and without him, the New Orleans musical landscape would be very different. That man is Mike Williams from Eyehategod.

If you haven’t heard, Mike IX as he’s affectionately called needs your help. He’s in a bad way. He needs a liver transplant, and the medical bills are piling. His wife has started a YouCaring account, and it’d be amazing if you could donate a few bucks to the cause. Because let’s be real, without EHG there is no DOWN, Phil Anselmo is an entirely different person, and the sludge from the swamps we know and love wouldn’t exist. The New Orleans signature grimace comes from two people: Jimmy Bower and Mike IX and without their celestial magic, who knows where heavy metal would be.

Anyone who knows my work knows I call New Orleans home, despite currently living in Austin, Texas. The New Orleans music community is tiny, and the metal community is microscopic. You go to enough shows with dudes screaming; you’re liable to run into the same faces over the years. It’s in that that I’ve been fortunate to have met Mike on more than one occasion and he’s always been nothing but grateful for the adoration. Mike Williams is a strange, fucked up bird, but he doesn’t deserve a cage, he deserves a long life and the chance to frighten the world on a nightly basis for years to come. Give a few bucks, or at least share the link as much as you can.

Mike is also in Arson Anthem with Hank 3.


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