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Dec 11, 2017

Album Review: Drew Womack - Here’s Some Stuff I Wrote

by Jamie Berryhill

There’s no two ways about it. Drew Womack possesses one of the most amazing voices in the history of well...history! Pair that with world class songwriting and you get Here’s Some Stuff I Wrote, the latest effort from the Brownwood, Texas born troubadour. 

If Drew’s voice sounds familiar and you just can’t place it, let me help you.
He fronted Sons of The Desert in the 90’s, churning out hits like "Whatever Comes First" and "Leaving October Behind." He can also be heard prominently on Leann Womack’s cut of "I Hope You Dance."

Equally impressive is that Drew played all of the instruments on this album. There are several co-writes on the record as well, from the likes of legends like Radney Foster and Rodney Crowell.

Overall, Here’s Some Stuff I Wrote is a forty three minute showcase of genius. Excellent vocals, writing, instrumentation, and production. The hard copy will make a great stocking stuffer for the music lover in your life this Christmas, or you can download it on iTunes here: 


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