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Dec 11, 2017

Album Review: Drew Womack - Here’s Some Stuff I Wrote

by Jamie Berryhill

There’s no two ways about it. Drew Womack possesses one of the most amazing voices in the history of well...history! Pair that with world class songwriting and you get Here’s Some Stuff I Wrote, the latest effort from the Brownwood, Texas born troubadour. 

If Drew’s voice sounds familiar and you just can’t place it, let me help you.
He fronted Sons of The Desert in the 90’s, churning out hits like "Whatever Comes First" and "Leaving October Behind." He can also be heard prominently on Leann Womack’s cut of "I Hope You Dance."

Equally impressive is that Drew played all of the instruments on this album. There are several co-writes on the record as well, from the likes of legends like Radney Foster and Rodney Crowell.

Overall, Here’s Some Stuff I Wrote is a forty three minute showcase of genius. Excellent vocals, writing, instrumentation, and production. The hard copy will make a great stocking stuffer for the music lover in your life this Christmas, or you can download it on iTunes here: 

Apr 23, 2015

Single Review: Willie & Merle - It's All Going to Pot

by Jamie Berryhill

Willie and Merle can do whatever they want. Clearly! They don't need your approval, or anyone else's for that matter! Federales included!

 "It's All Going To Pot," Written by Buddy Cannon, Jamey Johnson, and Larry Shell, is the first release from the iconic duo's upcoming duets album, Django And Jimmie. It is solid gold! Acapulco Gold, even! See what I did there? The video is incredible, and the song is a brilliantly crafted story of their favorite pastime, intertwined with clever lyrics and playful potshots at each other! I can't stop with the pot salvos! The song is a veritable celebration of the increasingly legal intoxicant, after all!

Both of these legendary troubadours are clearly still at the top of their game, and they delivered another top notch performance here!  The instrumentation is classic, and professional. Willie's famous guitar tone and phrasing is alive and well, as is Merle's. They just work well together! They get paid well together also, and I think we all know where their money goes!

Jamey Johnson's recognizable baritone voice can be heard as well, thickening up the vocal sound in spots on the track. The video has already racked up millions of views on social media sites across the Internet, and is sure to be a classic!

"It's All Going to Pot" is available now on iTunes, and other outlets. The rest of the album is for pre-order only at this time. See what all the buzz is about right here, via YouTube, and enjoy! I surely did!

Apr 21, 2015

Album Review: William Clark Green - Ringling Road

By Jamie Berryhill

William Clark Green has hit a proverbial home run with his latest effort, Ringling Road. Forgive the Baseball analogy, but it is April. At the time I am writing this, my beloved Cubs are sitting atop the NL Central Division, so you know where my head is at! As for WCG, this is really nothing new to those of us who have followed the Lubbock, Texas based artist from jump street.

Though, this album seems a bit more polished and fine-tuned production wise than his previous work (that isn't a bad thing!), it never draws you away from his skillfully crafted lyrics, and soulful voice. Ringling Road marks the second collaborative effort between Green and producer Rachel Loy.

WCG has a knack for storytelling and pulling you into a song. As most brilliant artists do, he creates vivid mental imagery, with lines like "the interstate's pumping like a vein, full of California plates." You can't help but picture that, and then listen for the next great line!

With every record, Green matures a little more, digs a little deeper, and evolves. He rolls along like a well oiled machine, recycling and repurposing bits and pieces of whatever pops up to sting him along the way, and uses them as inspiration.....mastering his craft one step at a time. I wasn't surprised at all with Ringling Road. More great songs, great melodies, and sonically pleasing rhythms.

WCG, here, has distilled and perfected a lot of what we Texas music fans have grown to love from the better artists in our 'genre.' I'll refrain from the "thumbs up" cliché in my review, because I think that may be copyright infringement, but I will say this: I wish I had more thumbs for this record! I haven't liked every single track on an album since the release of Down The Hatch by Oklahoma powerhouse, The Damn Quails. Ringling Road is out today on iTunes, Amazon, Lone Star Music, and other outlets. Buy it!


Jamie Berryhill is a Texan, singer, songwriter, guitarist, and booking agent for 7th Planet Entertainment Group. He's only doing this gig for free wi-fi.


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