Sep 16, 2009

Taylor Swift Parody

Bloodstains on My Guitar
(Parody of Taylor Swift's "Teardrops on my Guitar")

He looks at me, I can tell that he's shocked to see
That I want to discuss our matter acoustically
"I'ma let you finish, that's a pretty good rhyme
But this is one of the greatest hits of all time"

Talked over me, I laugh cause it's almost funny
He's gotten quiet now that he's getting what's coming
This Gibson's light brown finish is about to turn red
As it makes a crash landing on Kanye's ginormous head

'Ye's the reason for the bloodstains on my guitar
Leave him laying in a heap ontage and seeing stars
He's a jerk, interrupts, I'll keep beating, till he is brown and blue

Ye's on his knees, can he tell that I'm happy?
I don't accept his apology
Can't tell me nothin' - I'm watchin' him bleed
Now here's another hit like Barry Bonds
Cognac is no excuse, Mr. West better find some gauze

[Repeat Chorus]

He had no home training, but that don't make it right
Put this on Twitter, Pink, Kanye's
Gettin' concussed tonight

Kanye's the reason for the bloodstains on my guitar
Left him laying in a heap ontage and seeing stars
He's a jerk, interrupts, I kept beating, till he was brown and blue
A jackass spittin' blood, but it's still not enough
Gonna step on his package with my boots

'Ye begs and pleads, but we agree to disagree


  1. Doesn't she play Taylors, not Gibsons?

  2. I pride myself on not doing research.

  3. And anyways, that photo looks like a Martin D-15, rather than a Gibson.

  4. "Now here's another hit like Barry Bonds" FTW.

  5. Awesome. The Kanye song references take it over the top!

  6. I'm happy for you, and I'mma let you finish but the Taylor Swift (Tim McGraw) parody "Mother-in-Law" was one of the best of all time. All Time!!

  7. I love that. I am subjected to Country Music all day at work. It's finally driven me MAD!!! Drop by and see the evil that has possessed me.



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