Nov 15, 2009

Taylor Swift Top Ten

I'm declaring a 2-month moratorium on any humor related to Taylor Swift's voice, after this...

Top 10 Things You Didn't Know About Taylor Swift

10. Bites her nails... her toenails

09. Does a mean Stanky Legg

08. When people talk bad about her singing, she dries her tears with thousand dollar bills

07. Doesn't know who Tony Romo is

06. Really been getting into sludge metal lately

05. Her Yahoo password? FUCU69

04. Has filed a petition to get "OMG" into the 2010 Webster's Dictionary

03. Once jaywalked

02. Owns the entire Wrestlemania collection on Blu-Ray

01. Serious Copenhagen habit


  1. ahh Farce, although you get the message across that you dislike her singing, this isn't nearly as harsh as it could have been. And I'm thinking most women would love to be flexible enough to be able to bite their own toenails. Although I'm a big admirer of Taylor's and I do enjoy her voice myself, I give you "Thumbs Up" for having too big a heart to be really cruel. Just be careful you don't wake up one day to realize you like her songs and voice after all, you won't know what to do when it comes to writing stuff like this then.

  2. hilarious as always!



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