Jul 14, 2014

Top 10 Most Pressing Issues Facing the BG Nation

10. Foreign relations with the Taylor Nation strained due to usage of MDMA
in attempted relations with said Taylor Nation

09. That pesky lip sore that just won't seem to scab over

08. Rising cost of wallet chains causing budgetary concerns

07. Finding a member of the nation with a large enough trailer
to hold a meeting of the South Georgia Chapter

06. Pissed at girlfriend for DVR'ing over last episode of Big Smo

05. Arkansas Chapter threatening secession over new rule barring dues payment with EBT

04. Not sure whether to wear the dragon eating a midget
Affliction shirt or the Satan in chains Affliction shirt for Friday's date

03. Fringe east Nashville upstart chapter wants to allow "city slickers" to join

02. Northern Florida Chapter's Syphilis epidemic

01. Securing weekend supply of Steel Reserve while wearing ankle bracelet

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