Aug 7, 2009

Kellie Pickler Can Count to Three


  1. That's a revelation...We knew she could count to 2 when she got her boob job. A Boob job on a novel.

  2. What did she do to her face? She looks 35. That's really unfortunate. She used to be cute.

  3. I've seen Kellie Pickler many times… She has captivated millions of fans worldwide. Last time I got my ticket for her last concert but before I compare prices for free .
    Kellie was up for it from the start...waited along time to catch & it was really a great concert.

  4. 10:17 Anon: "Looks 35?" Hardly.

    This is why I hate Carrie Underwood fans.

    Pathetic, cruel turds determined to destroy any other female country singer.

  5. Anonymous is mistaken. Country singers should be "destroyed." Country singers do not deserve respect: seriously, why should someone respect someone who sings crappola like "Red High Heels" or "Mama's Song" or whatever. I respect accountants, doctors, lawyers, teachers, businesspeople, and artists. I do not respect country singers or country musicians. Country music is best enjoyed "ironically." The reason you listen to country is so you can make fun of it with your friends. And bluegrass people deserve even less respect than country.



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