Dec 13, 2009

Farcie Awards: Worst Female Vocalist

While I have vowed not to speak ill of Taylor Swift's vocals for a while, my readers have not done likewise, voting her easily to the head of this category. Voting breakdown is shown in the chart below.


  1. Ok, this is rediculous. I'm not about to defend Swift's weak voice, but to say she's worse than Britney Spears, who doesn't even attempt to sing live, is farcical.

  2. I would guess that Britney was simply disregarded in this vote rather than regarded as better than Taylor. Swift's recent high profile and somewhat controversial Entertainer of the Year win probably invited a backlash vote.

  3. I suspect you're correct Mr Parkman. This is a shame, as I welcome all opportunities to heap ridicule on Britney Spears and I'm disappointed this one was overlooked.



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