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Dec 13, 2009

Farcie Awards: Worst Album

Our final award of this year's Farcies is the most important. A lot of suck and ineptness goes into winning the trophy for Worst Album. Winning their third broken guitar award of the night is Rascal Flatts with their Unstoppable album, chosen on a staggering 48% of ballots. Remember, multiple selections could be made for this award, so the percentages don't add to 100%. Take a bow, Gary, Joe Don and Jay! Click on the list below to see the voting results. Jimmy Wayne, your lame efforts did not go unnoticed!

Farcie Awards: Worst Song

FTM's penultimate award, Worst Song, goes to Worst New Artist nominee Fast Ryde, for their truly atrocious ode to rear ends, "That Thang." Nice going, you two! Tyler Dean came in second with his stalker anthem, "Taylor Swift." The voting breakdown can be seen by clicking the chart below.

Farcie Awards: Worst Group

I honestly thought Nickelback would give Rascal Flatts a run for their money in the Worst Group category but as you can see in the chart below, nearly 45% of you said the Flatts were in a league of their own. Congrats guys!

Farcie Awards: Worst Rapper

This category was no contest. Soulja Boy, the readers of Farce the Music unequivocally say you suck!

Farcie Awards: Worst Comeback

It was like "Revenge of the 90's" in this category as four 90's "favorites" took on much maligned and much marijuana'd diva Whitney Houston. But, oh hell to the naw, Miss Houston stood no chance against Mr. Stapp and company. Way to go, Creed!

Farcie Awards: Worst New Artist

While it was a close race with the ever askew Lady Gaga, the Farcie Award for worst new artist goes to Locash Cowboys! Congrats guys! That's a very impressive feat for not even having released your major label debut yet!

Farcie Awards: Worst Female Vocalist

While I have vowed not to speak ill of Taylor Swift's vocals for a while, my readers have not done likewise, voting her easily to the head of this category. Voting breakdown is shown in the chart below.

Farcie Awards: Worst Male Vocalist

Our first result today is for worst male vocalist. Idol runner-up and keyboardist kisser, Adam Lambert, made a strong push at the start of the voting while Rodney Atkins and Kanye "Emo Autotuner" West went neck and neck in the middle of the pack, but after the dust cleared, frequent FTM target Gary "The Voice" LeVox of Rascal Flatts had run away with this Farcie trophy. Voting breakdown is shown in the chart below. Congrats Gary!

And the Losers Are...

FTM's Farcie Awards Results day begins with the reveal of the lovely trophy all our winners/losers will take home (figuratively). Anyone would be proud ....errr, ashamed to have that fine piece of hardware on their mantle or in their awards case!

Dec 8, 2009

The Farcie Awards: You Vote for the Worst of '09!

With December trudging along, all the other blogs are doing polls and lists of their favorites and bests of 2009's music (as well as the decade's best). Of course I'll get around to doing a few of those myself, but really, what is Farce the Music about but telling you about the worst the music world has to offer? I have a list or two of my own personal least favorites of the year to come, but here's a chance for you to tell me what songs, albums and artists sucked the most.

I culled the nominations for this poll from my own personal hatreds as well as popular opinion and some thoughts stolen from other blogs. I don't have an option for write-in votes on this poll, but if you want to write your own in the comments of this blog post, I'll count 'em.

Without further adieu, here is the first ever Farcie Awards poll! Results will be announced on Monday.

Note: you can make multiple choices in the Worst Album category.


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