Dec 8, 2009

The Farcie Awards: You Vote for the Worst of '09!

With December trudging along, all the other blogs are doing polls and lists of their favorites and bests of 2009's music (as well as the decade's best). Of course I'll get around to doing a few of those myself, but really, what is Farce the Music about but telling you about the worst the music world has to offer? I have a list or two of my own personal least favorites of the year to come, but here's a chance for you to tell me what songs, albums and artists sucked the most.

I culled the nominations for this poll from my own personal hatreds as well as popular opinion and some thoughts stolen from other blogs. I don't have an option for write-in votes on this poll, but if you want to write your own in the comments of this blog post, I'll count 'em.

Without further adieu, here is the first ever Farcie Awards poll! Results will be announced on Monday.

Note: you can make multiple choices in the Worst Album category.


  1. Ala-Freakin-Bama must have been released after you finished making this poll

  2. How in the world is "Sara Smile" not nominated for worst song?

  3. I want to select all five of the nominees for worst male auto-tune user. Same with worst group, but I will select Nicklesuck out of principle.

    I am proud to say that I have heard none of the worst song contenders.

    Puddle of Mud made a comeback?

    How come Wilco (the album) wasn't nominated as worst album? Ha ha ha ha ha!

  4. Oops, "Sara Smile" was overlooked in the song category. The album, however is running close to the top (bottom) of that category.

  5. I totally wanted to participate in the voting, but I hardly know any of the music out of your choices. That's a good thing, I'm assuming.

  6. Even as a fairly avid music fan, I had no idea who Assjack was. Wow.



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