Apr 6, 2010

.99 Review: Rodney Atkins - Farmer's Daughter

Rodney Atkins - Farmer's Daughter
Listen HERE

The People's Take
ANOTHER HIT (5 Stars) - This song is great!!!! Another HIT from Rodney can't wait to hear the rest of the album.
-Redneck JB

Another hit! (5 Stars) - I love, love, LOVE it! ;D
-Robinson :)

Super! (5 Stars) - Another great song from country's best star!!!! Keep 'em coming Rodney!

My Take
The plusses: It's not nearly as puerile (yeah, I pulled out the thesaurus for that one) as most of Atkins' recent knuckle-draggers. Also, it's pretty catchy. One more: it's unmistakably country.

The negatives: From the moment you read the title, you know this isn't going to plow up any new cropland, and your assumptions are correct. Of course Atkins works for the farmer. Of course the farmer's female offspring is a dime. Of course Atkins gets him a piece of that sweet potato pie. Of course they get married. Of course the bridge is only there to serve standard procedure.

The WTFs: He goes from seeing the farmer's daughter to tapping it inside of two lines with little explanation of how he got from point A to point P. How romantic. I guess we should just assume that she immediately finds the dirty farmhand's potential big green tractor skills to be worth the suspicions and doubts her dad would undoubtedly have about someone he hired to shovel shit and feed bovine.

The bottom line: It's not as bad as I'd hoped it to be, and his career has probably not reached its omega as suspected in this parody. That said, it's still dumber'n a Jake Owens groupie and twice as forgettable.

Total Value: .45/.99

The Checklist:
Name Dropping
Dying Person
County Fair
Lost Love
Check mark symbolLove
Hometown Pride
Kindly Advice
Check mark symbolTruck
Check mark symbolLife Affirmation
Pop Sheen
Star Power


  1. okay. i gotta say it. i hate the fucking site. the posts are hilarious but not until you go and listen to the tripe you're posting about.

    pure definition of a love/hate relationship i suppose.

  2. Thanks, I think. :)

    Just think of all the crap I have to listen to to come up with all this.



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