May 10, 2010

John Rich's Songwriting Tips #35

Writer's block is something that affects nearly all songwriters. Bust on through it the JR way: Get you some comfy clothes on. Pour yourself a glass of wine and turn down the lights. Light a few scented candles. Get your writing pad and acoustic out and settle into a big fluffy beanbag with no distractions. Then just write. That's how ol'.... how an ol' fruity booty does it, lol! Psyche bitches!!! Ol' JR doesn't have writer's block. This large cranium is an endless source of timeless country hits. Suck it up sissies. "Writer's block" is like OCD, sex addiction or homo-ism... just a made up excuse to do things contrary to the will of the big guy in the sky! Preach on brother Rich!

*Not actually written by John Rich.

1 comment:

  1. Amazing such a big cranium and it still fits up your ass.



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