Aug 30, 2010

John Rich's Songwriting Tips #44

You need to consider your demographic for the song you're writing. If you're writing one for the fellas, throw in a truck or a punch in the face or a Copenhagen ring, and you're in business. But since there are so many young female fans new to the genre, I try to get in the panties, errr, heads of these lasses to find out where they're coming from. Are they into partying, love, sex, drinking, philosophy, sex, cars, social networking or maybe even sex? Get close to them and find out. KNOW your audience. Words to live by pardner.

*Not actually written by John Rich

1 comment:

  1. This sounds like something John Rich actually would say. He is such a sleeze. At least not as big a sleeze as Billy Joe Shaver, who I hope rots in hell. But a sleeze. Unfortunately there are a lot of chicks out there who would give John Rich a jeff smoker in his tourbus.



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