Nov 30, 2010

John Rich's Songwriting Tips #46

Today chil'ren, we gonna talk about rhyme. Sure, in some of those indie garbage genres, they don't even rhyme their lines but who listens to that crap besides sweatervest wearing pusswads? In real music, we rhyme. We rhyme love with above and heart with apart and we don't give a sh*t who's tired of the supposed clich├ęs. Don't waste precious brain cells trying to come up with a unique rhyme, just go with the easy out, or stick an awkward line in there that was obviously just to fulfill the rhyme. Money talks, and my bank account backs up my bullsh*t. Now, I'm sorry we must be parted, but the bathroom calls 'cause I just farted.

*not actually written by John Rich

1 comment:

  1. wonderfully poetic with the dripping knowlegde of someone who barely made it through high school. And yet your noticable antics that have made you well known will be the decay of your kind, as your latest concerts have shown. you've gone from opening for somebodies to closing for nobodys. To appearences in places no one has ever heard of. You will soon return to the bottom and hopefully when you do you can pull your head out of your ass and remember the ones that helped put you where your once were. We, the fans, can giveth and taketh away. Chew on that while you still got teeth.



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