Jan 6, 2011

John Rich's Songwriting Tips #47

Imagery is very important part of country music songwriting. It's not enough to say you drive a tractor, you have to describe the sweet ass sound system you put in it and how cold the air conditioning is in that bad boy. It's not enough to say "she's so pretty." Tell us how firm her buttocks are, how her gazongas fill up her sweater, how her supple skin looks in the moonllight... uh. I gotta go take care of something. Just remember to give the listeners the details. The devil's in there, and so is the cold hard caaaaash.

*Not actually written by John Rich

1 comment:

  1. that's an incredibly crude way of putting it but I think you're right. Ray Charles and many other musicians have always said that country music tells the best stories.



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