Jun 30, 2011

John Rich's Songwriting Tips #53

Be nice to people with lesser talent or fame than you. At least come up with polite ways to say "get the hell away from me." Some guy called last week and asked if he could write with me. I told him, "Man, I love your work (lie), but I'm so swamped with these new EP releases this new Big & Rich Tour that I don't have the time right now (kinda true)… I'll keep your number in my phone (lie) and get back to you in a month or six (doubtful)." I think he said his name was Josh Grinder… or something like that, from Texas. You get the point. There's no reason to belittle associates; just baffle them with bullsh*t. Put that in your crack pipe and smoke it. Out!

*Not Actually Written By John Rich


  1. Wow! John Rich is going soft and nice here. He is suggesting that one should be polite when blowing off some Josh Grinder type parasite who wants to advance his career by latching onto Rich. This is the first songwriting tip where Rich doesnt come off as a total jerk but here he is actually treating other people with more kindness than they deserve.

  2. i see no difference the guy's still a prick. talking bout moochers, ain't this the same cunt that was all over trisha about workin with Garth. he already go his hooks into Taylor and he tried with Carrie or so words go. that fucker has always blown the dicks of losers and promotes little skanks like the jane dear girls....girls next door my ass (only is you lived next to a whore house). He's probably banging both them bitches..Gretchen too. Nah, this guy is a,would say Has been but that would imply that he was someone at some point. so let just say he's a never was. So Chew on that while you still got Teeth, hick prick.



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