Sep 19, 2011

Larry Lee the Primitive Baptist Reviews: Trent Tomlinson

Trent Tomlinson - A Man Without a Woman

I am told the singer of this song is well known for running around with lots of random women, so right off the top I've got a lot of jealousy disrespect towards this fellow. Him and his young, handsome looks and trendy doo-rag.

The first verse reveals him to be an untrustworthy narrator from the start. He mentions partying too hard, which is code for imbibing on alcoholic beverages and hanging around smoky drinking establishments hoping to entice scantily clad young women to have intercourse with him. There is so much sin inherent to this lifestyle, it's no wonder so many twenty-somethings who lose their lives early are on the Amtrak straight to Hell's train station.

Now, while the next verse is fine spiritually, the chorus of this song is truly Biblically incorrect. It says that a man who doesn't have a woman is lost. Really? Is that what you think, Mr. Tomlinson? Perhaps you haven't met my wife, but that's an aside for another day. What's at stake here is Trent's final resting place.

Yay verily a man is only lost without the Lord. A man without a woman may lack someone to cook his meals, clean his abode, raise his children, iron his clothes, wash his truck, plan his schedule, pay the bills, buy groceries and help entertain guests, but he is most certainly NOT lost. This is false teaching.

Mr. Tomlinson goes on to have the main character of this song question God's plan in the bridge. He wonders why our Heavenly Father took his woman but hasn't taken him yet. Give us a huge break, sir. Possibly the Lord still needs the man's services as a Walmart greeter or diabetes commercial spokesperson. It is not for us to question God's timing.

In summation, A Man Without a Woman, while not as prurient or vile as most Trashville musical selections, is still a troubling discourse on man's misplaced priorities in this sin-driven society. Abstain from giving it audience and most certainly, disregard its foul woman-centric message. Eve is in Hell.



  1. Another awesome review from Larry Lee! He seems to have some issues with women, though.

  2. You must be so tired judging so many people not up to your standards. Why don't you just give it a rest, and let G D do the job. I'm sure he is much better at it than you are.

  3. H.A.T.E.R.S. : Having - Anger - Towards - Everyone - Reaching - Success!

  4. Trent Tomlinson is a extraordinary singer/songwriter your review is completely demoralizing to musicians,and fans everywhere .. You are judging a man by hear say ,and lyric choice . It's one thing to judge a song fairly but to judge,and attack his character is truly unethical. Makes you look really religious what a insult to Baptist everywhere.. Thou shall not judge others is written in the bible for a reason...Simply disgusted...

  5. HAHAHA.. The comments here are seriously just as funny. Maybe you should start having Reginald come in and sit with Larry Lee..

  6. Irony, satire, etc. is still just out of some folks' reach. They probably also think Alberto Del Rio is really a Mexican millionaire ...



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