Aug 23, 2012

New Jamey Johnson Album Cover Revealed


  1. You may think this photo is amusing, but the truth is you just made a very flattering photo of Jamey Johnson...Us Jamey fans love it!! Behind that beard is the Savior of Country Music and his next album title.." Jamey Johnson, Living for a Song, A Tribute to Hank Cochran. If you can't read that, you probably wasn't gonna buy this album anyway....Thanks Farce the music.....I think you just farced yourself on this one....

  2. Um, I HAVE this album. I'm a huge Jamey fan. Going to see him in October. Sometimes I make fun of the artists I like on here too, if you haven't noticed. It's just a mild joke about his beard. Chill!

  3. What J.T. is saying is that she likes your version better than the original. First of all Jameys female stalkers ( oops I mean fans) don't want anything covering up that beard. Secondly, she was saying any true fan would know what the words were even w/ the beard covering them. Thirdly, my girl is as chill as they come. Finally, how much you want for that copy you got?

  4. Lol....I know you make fun of everyone on this page. I just happen to think that was a brilliant cover picture.. One that could go on his actual cover. I'm glad to hear you got good taste in music, REAL music...I will chill now that I know you are a Jamey fan too.... :)

  5. Hahahaha....the Jennifer Tollison chicky was over on One Million Strong For Real Country Music earlier today flappin her gums about "The Savior of Country Music"....hahahahaha....what a goof ball. If I was JJ (unless it's him posing) I'd be fearful of a 'fan' who viewed me in that kind of light....just sayin''s creepy.

  6. A friend of mine had an incident at a show this week and now JJ is on my ‘shitbag’ list and I will share it. That incident tells me all I need to know about JJ as a person and how much JJ appreciates fans… was the 5th time this dude paid his hard earned $$ to see JJ. I posted the following on One Million Strong For Real Country Music site on Facebook.
    The video link is attached as proof…..

    ATTENTION Jamey Johnson fans & haters:
    JJ DONT WORK FOR YOUTUBE and he’ll let you know it!!!
    Here is proof of what a SUPER DOUCHE BAG Jamey Johnson and his crew are!!
    My friend spent $60 on a ticket to go see this fruit cake…..He was posting days before the show and was very excited to be going. I quietly shook my head and rolled my eyes, but I didn’t delete him for his indiscretion of having a lapse of good taste in music or his good sense. We all have those moments. So he goes to the show and here is what he wrote the next day. Note: Jamey Johnson is the “unnamed artist” and my friend was being very gracious in my opinion to call JJ an “artist” because he is not. He is a manufacture image to sell cds for his record label. JJ wouldn’t know “outlaw” if it cracked him upside his arrogan
    t head.

    “majorly disappointed in last tonight !
    may have been the best i ever seen unnamed artist play but the treatment i received ruined the evening .
    i will never pay to go see , buy a cd or support said artist again .
    since dollars are all some care about now i’ll choose who i support with my hard earned dollar !
    i was told in a very rude manner to stop filming and i did .
    folks where taking photos all
    over the place , i took a few photo’s and a guy named William who works for unnamed artist come charging at me .
    screaming turn the camera off now you got his attention !
    we don’t work for fucking youtube !!!
    after this William stood to the side of the stage all night glaring at me , never have i had my vibe ruined like this !
    i don’t need this aggravation in my life , all i wanted was a fun night instead i’m $60 poorer and pissed off .
    the atmosphere turned ugly after my indecent , people were made to set down and generally harassed for trying to have fun .
    a fight broke out 5 seats away from me .
    half the people walked out in the front section of seats .
    other things i could say but i let this night piss me off enough .
    only good thing i will say about tonight is Chris Powell is one hell of a drummer and all around good guy !
    Nov 16, 2012 12:50pm
    when i saw William come charging at me for taking 4 photos at the Jamey Johnson concert i hit record on my video camera in my pocket .

  7. Hahahaha....the Jennifer Tollison chicky was over on One Million Strong For Real Country Music earlier today flappin her gums about "The Savior of Country Music"....hahahahaha....what a goof ball. If I was JJ (unless it's him posing) I'd be fearful of a 'fan' who viewed me in that kind of light....just sayin''s creepy.

  8. Cathy YOU are still a stooopid moron. Why you hatin so much???? Are you a man on the rag or just a miserable bull dyke? And just so you know your 'partner' Wayne TITSworth or Pussywillow can get bent with you.... Jennifer Tollison is a good person that doesnt say anything bad about anyone... well unless deserved! So reap it you dreadful wretch!

  9. haha Jeff....whether or not I am a "man on the rag or just a miserable bull dyke" does not matter and still doesn't change the fact that JJ is a douche who plays cover songs from other REAL artists. He's manufactured by Trashville and does what he is told to do. Music Row created him and they will toss him when he's toast.

    How he treats fans after they pay $60 for a crappy ticket speaks for itself, and he lost fans because of it. I will continue to enlighten folks about his conduct too.
    Have a great day..."man on the rag or just a miserable bull dyke" :) :)

  10. Nashville created Jamey? You gotta be kidding me Cathy. I obviously gave you way too much credit for having music knowledge. You got your little feelings hurt because people like YOU and your friend like to record artists and post them on facebook and other social media sites and you think it makes you look important or makes people think you are in the music loop. YOU are a sad pathetic person that has to ride on someone else's coat tails to get a few likes on your pages. Ive read alot of your rags and I have viewed alot of your videos and well for a lack of a better term they are boring and uninspiring. Those who have no use or talent, try to gain notoriety or fame in those who do. Stop being a whiney bitch and get over it. If you wanna stop supporting Jamey .... do it! I promise he doesn't need fans like you. I can go on and on about you being bitter because Jamey hurt your friends feelings.... the truth is YOU WERE A FAN and because your friend was told to stop recording, you believe he is a no talent douche? Now you have found out that you are not in control at Jamey's show when comes to recording his voice and profiting off his talents! Think about that you miserable wretch!

    1. Are you serious Cathy. aka vintage queen 54...I find it very "creepy" that your post got deleated over at one million less for real country music I'm assuming because everyone got tired of talking and listening about it,and now you are over here trying to throw names out there and trying to bring your nonsense post back to life. It flatters me that my comment about The Savior of Country Music was enough to make you remember my name though. That was my intentions. No one said you had to like Jamey. But for goodness sakes, let your friend do the talking if he is so pissed about it, unless this is you (posing as him)....Let it go, this kind of stress can really cause major health problems. It was over days and days ago to everyone besides you. I hope you are sleeping at night. You are really creeping me out, running all over the internet trying to find someone to talk about this too. Maybe you should seek a thearapist. I will not be replying to your comment, I have much more important things to do, like Thanksgiving is tomorrow. Im thankful for my great family, my awseome friends and for The Savior of Country Music who sings about our lives with every song. He is us....We are him.... And thats why he is Saving Country Music one song at a time. Mrs.VintgageQueen54, I truely hope you also have alot to be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving.

  11. I'm staying out of this pissing match and letting you have your spat but watch the name-calling.

  12. I find this interesting. I've heard various accounts of encounters with Jamey Johnson. All but one were negative. He's always struck me as a rather mediocre talent. He's OK, but there are far better. So far as Nashville goes, I prefer him over say, Brantley Gilbert, and that isn't saying a whole heck of a lot. I don't understand why an artist would object to filming, or pictures or ANY free publicity. I've introduced my friends to several artists via YouTube. They've gained fans and sold merchandise as a result. I don't see a downside, but his camp clearly does. Very interesting.

    1. Your extremely undereducated and obviously spout words without real knowledge! Jamey has written so many infamous songs, again I say wrote, not published on his own cds. Jamey wrote George Straights "Troubadour" well co wrote that one but wrote "Give it away" for george straight as well. Wow, your opinion of him being mediocre is a disrespectful uneducated opinion. I hope you dont make money by being a blogger. Take time to educate yourself before you ever post on the world wide web. Remember friend it lasts forever. No harsh feelings towards you as my words may seem harsh. However have you ever read this artists biography? Do me a favor, read it and reply what you think. I do not comment often but wanted to make sure you got a tad bit more info on this artists. Amazing story and words he comes up with are oddly slap in the face facts! Not everyone has over the top concerts. This man is genuine on stage as if its just another sound check, band practice! He is the real deal. Please check his bio and do reply. I dont respect many artists. I do this one! AliBri

  13. Jennifer the post is still on One Million Strong For Real Country Music. Jeff's nasty comments were removed by one of the three administrators, get your facts straight. Does that make you feel "creepy" about probably should.
    For YOU to habitually refer to JJ as the "Saviour" is rather "creepy" in and of itself. Perhaps JJ should be creeped.

    Jeff, you ol name caller you. You and your comments got deleted over on One Million Strong For Real Country Music for being so nasty and now you got warned about name-calling over here.
    Why on earth would you view "alot" of VintageQueen54 videos if my videos are "boring and uninspiring". Also if you think my videos are "boring and uninspiring" then that would mean you feel that way about the artists that I record. Probably the reason for that is because those artists represent REAL COUNTRY music.
    JJ is Nashville manufactured pop...he is packaged by his label, promoted on the commercial radio stations and force fed to the masses. If you re-read my post you will see what I personally thought about my friend being excited about going to see JJ. I said I didn't hold it against him by deleting him. No, never been a fan and would not record JJ if he personally asked me to....much less would I pay money to go see him. JJ plays other people's hits. Not sure what you mean by "Now you have found out that you are not in control at Jamey's show when comes to recording his voice and profiting off his talents!" That's so stupid I'm not even going to attempt an answer.
    I don't profit from anyone's videos on my channel, there are no ads....furthermore I've got a lot of time and $$ invested in what I do.

    Oh yeah I was out again tonight recording the REAL'll have to stay tuned to see who.
    VintageQueen54 Videos YouTube or FaceBook....the best of the best live!

    1. I don't need to call anybody any names, all I know is that I've watched Jamey on stage w/ Kris, Merle, Willie, and Billy Joe Shaver. Vintage queen HTF could you look at this album cover and try to make an argument that Jamey in manufactured or somehow created by nashvegas? Nashville and country radio wants nothing to do w/ him. This mediocre talent who sings other peoples songs has 2 song of the year awards, and countless hit songs that he has sold other artist, ask George Strait and Trace how Jamey makes a living singing other peoples songs. You say you are for the real deal, let me tell the real deal is the Hag, Willie, Shooter, and Waylon. Jamey doesnt "sing their songs", he keeps real country music alive by paying respect to those legends. When Willie says if there were a "Highwaymen" today than Jamey would be a part. When Jessie Colter stands on stage w/ Jamey as he plays w/ Waymores Blues right outside of Waylons headquarters it lets me know that you Cathy are just tryin to take up for your poor little friend that got his feeling hurt. Why did he have a recorder in his pocket at a concert anyway? Hmmmm. Talk all the smack you want and block real country fans from your page, but JT and Mr. Fox know what real country is and they know how to play by the rules at his shows. BTW I find it very disrespectful that someone who claims to be such a "real country" music fan would try to call themselves the queen. I don't care who's on FB Ms. Jessi's still the Queen!

  14. Not All Artists Require The Desire To Be Liked By Fans As A Form Of Personal Gratification Great Artists Actually Prefer Never To Play Theyre Own Completed Work. However If An Artist Stays Focused On The Work Being The Message And Wants The Message Correctly Interpreted his PersonalSkill Set Is Required. Even If This Is The Case Its Still All About The Message Of His Works Interpretation And The Integrity Of It Being Portrayed. Opinionionated People Seeking An Artists Approval Arent At The Live Shows For The Content Of The Musics Message. They Are There To Socialize And Be Seen. Ive Been To Every Live Show Mr Johnson Has Held In My Near Region. I Have Attended With Normal Drunk Fans Who GeT Bored But Most Of Johnsons Crowd Came To Stand In Jeans DRINK A BEER AND LISTEN TO SOME REAL SOULFUL COUNTRY WORK PERFORMED BY THE ACTUAL WRITER AND HIS CREW. MR JAMEY JOHNSON IS TRUE COUNTRY ARTIST AND NOTHINGIS REQUIRED OF A GOOD ARTIST BUT GOOD WORK. FOR THOSE FANS WHO COMMENT BASED UPON CHART TOPPER SONGS.....GET THE ALBUM ....READ THE WORDS.....THERE IS A STORY OR MEANING FOR EVERY SONG. I HOPE JAMEY GETS HIS ATTRIBUTES DURING HIS CAREER AND NOT AFTER LIKE MOST OF THE ARTISTS HE HAS BEEN COMPARED TO. SEE YOU IN GREENVILLE SC AT TONIGHTS EVENT!



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