Sep 20, 2012

iHeartRadio Music Festival Parody Album Covers

As some of you may know, I won a trip to Vegas for the iHeartRadio Music Festival this weekend. If it weren't for the fact that it's a FREE TRIP TO VEGAS, I wouldn't be going - the lineup isn't exciting enough to spend a boatload of cash on. On the bill are Jason Aldean, Taylor Swift, Pink, Aerosmith, Green Day, Lil Wayne and others. I'm pretty excited to see Miranda Lambert - I hear the Pistol Annies may be there for a few songs. Anyway, here are a few parody album covers from some of the acts that will appear. There may be a report on the shows next week.


  1. You're just trying to sound cool. You know you are excited!

  2. Oh yeah, it's gonna be fun. I'm looking forward to Green Day, Aerosmith and Brad Paisley. And I'll drink enough to enjoy myself during folks like Pitbull.



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