Jan 14, 2013

OMG Reviews: Will Hoge - Another Song Nobody Will Hear (ft Wade Bowen)

by Brittany Fant, 14-year-old music fan and aspiring reviewer

Listen to the song here.

Why would you even bother writing a song nobody will hear? That's the first question I have. Are you talking about another song? That's my second question, because if THIS is the song nobody will hear, you FAIL ...LOL. I mean, I wish I didn't hear it, but I did. Both of these guys sound old. Like over 25 or something. They're whining about nobody hearing their songs... well, maybe if they would sing about love or sing as beautifully as Hunter Hayes or Charlie Worsham somebody might want to hear their dumb songs. But instead, they're singing about pain and dreams and junk. YAWNZZZ. I'm 15 years old now (yeah Trailer...about time to update my bio info) and all I care about is love and boyfriends and TMZ and getting my drivers license. I don't even know what pain is, unless you mean when I stubbed my toe answering a text at 2 last night. My dreams include going to a party Friday night if my dad doesn't talk some sense into mom, passing chemistry and getting those pink zebra boots from dELiA's. So spare me your crying about art. Hunter Hayes doesn't worry about art so I don't either. I'll give this song a tiny plus because Wade is kinda cute I guess, for an old dude. Will needs a hairbrush.

You two only rate 1/2 of 5 heart hands. Losers.


  1. bwahaha, "kinda cute for an old dude" line cracked me up!

  2. When your older and maybe a little wiser go back and listen to the song

  3. FYI - Will wrote Even If It Breaks Your Heart. The song was recorded by Eli Young Band. It went number one and was nominated for a Grammy among other awards. He has also played the Grand Ole Opry. When you are in your 30s and "old" like Will maybe you will get the song. I commend you however for your attempt. Keep working and living your dream as Will is living his dream.

  4. Please go listen to some more Wade Bowen. He has some great songs and great lyrics, and great love songs and great heartbreak songs.
    Jeff Beck



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